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In front of strangers, what should I do if the child does not like to speak?

Guidance: Zhu Dongsheng, chief physician Zhu Dongsheng, Child Health Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Many parents found that their children were like a small “talk” when they were at home. They said that they were endless, and they could always find a lot of topics. But after going out or a guest at home, he (she) seemed to have changed personal, seemed to be shy and introverted. Just hiding behind his parents and staring at the “born person” for a long time, asking him (her) question, either he said nothing, or he whispered his head and whispered, and he was completely judged to be two when he was present without a stranger.


In front of strangers, what should I do if the child does not like to speak?

Why is there such a big contrast?

In fact, this aspect is related to the baby’s own temperament type. Some babies are “self -familiar” and are not timid at all, while some babies are more “slow”. They often need to be “preheated” for a period of time. Loat; on the other hand, it is also related to the family raising method. Some children basically rarely come into contact with others other than their families, and their parents rarely take them out to play outside. This kind of gradually established security allows him to show himself relaxed, but when he suddenly is in a strange environment or runs out of a strange face at home, he will become nervous and anxious because of lack of security. So temporarily retracted.

So, how can children be generous in the unfamiliar environment and strangers?

1. Understand the personality of the child and do not apply pressure: Some parents are very outstanding when they see other children, they are enthusiastic, and they hope that their children can do this, but the temperament type of each child is not the same. Some babies can “Familiar with the self -cooked”, some will be relatively slow. He will first know the world and the people around him with his own small eyes. This is a way of learning and a manifestation of the improvement of cognitive level.所以,家长不要急于给他施加压力,不顾孩子的感受硬是让孩子在他人面前表现自己,这样反而会让他更加害怕再接触这种场合,父母需要做的是,为他们提供一个安全、稳定、 The comfortable social environment gives him some time to buffer. When he feels that this social occasion is safe and no pressure, he will express himself.

2. Let the children get out of the family’s closed “small world” and expand the scope of their children’s communication: Parents should pay attention to cultivating children in contact with others during their daily raising process. Usually take the child to go out to make the door, let him play with other children of the same age, and gradually expand the social circle. When you see a lot of knowledge, naturally you will not be so timid.

3. Give the child more encouragement, do not give him “label”: When some parents see that the child is more restrained before the person, he will say in front of the guest: “This child is like this in front of a person, and he is more afraid of ashamed. “On the surface, the child was solved. In fact, it was given a negative hint to the child, which made him even more likely to speak in front of a person. Encourage him to say hello and talk to others bravely. As long as he has improved a little bit in front of his life, he must praise him in time to enhance his self -confidence.

4. Parents lead by example and set a good social example for their children: Parents are examples of children’s learning. Many times the style of children’s work will be affected by their parents to a certain extent. Therefore, parents need to set a good social role model for their children. If you do things, you will be generous, and your child will slowly be influenced by his parents in the ears and become generous. (Correspondent: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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