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In spring, there are still spring asthma with Xiaoyanzi

As soon as the autumn trousers take off the spring girl, the spring is pleasant, and the flowers are blooming. As the flowers bloom, asthma may follow. How can we prevent asthma in spring?

About asthma?

The word asthma comes from the ancient Greek “σθμα” means “heavy breathing, asthma, shortness of breath”. The earliest discovery of asthma can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Both the ancient Greece and China are related to asthma.

Asthma is roughly divided into: children’s asthma, adult asthma, acute asthma, professional asthma, night asthma, etc.

We mainly talk about children’s asthma today.

What is children’s asthma?

Children’s asthma starts from childhood. The cause is likely to be inherited, and children are sensitive to allergens in the environment. Allergens react with the body, causing immune reactions. Allergens may vary from person to person. This usually has animal protein, bacteria, pollen, house dust mites and other sources of dust. When the child inhaled allergens, chronic inflammation was produced, which caused the surrounding smooth muscle to exacerbate the contraction. Sometimes the trachea itself changes. Typical changes in trachea include increased number of eosinophils and thickening mesh layers. Slowly, as the number of mucus glands increases, the smooth muscle of the trachea will increase.

The picture above shows the airway stenosis during asthma. When the asthma is made, the muscles around the airway tighten. The airway becomes narrow and makes it difficult to breathe.

The point is here ~ How can we prevent spring asthma ~

The baby with asthma can’t afford to hurt. The world is full of allergens. There are always Diaoli people. We see how many people are.

1 Diaomin in the air

Why is the period of high asthma in spring, mainly because of various flower pollen in the air. In addition to pollen, there are various air pollution, cigarettes, etc., which are all incentives that induce asthma. Therefore, for babies with allergic asthma, it is important to take protection measures when going out in spring. It is best to open an air purifier at home to reduce indoor pollution.

2 Diaomin hidden in toys and beds

Some babies are good when they go out. Once they go home, they will not breathe out of breath, and they start to have wheezing. Then the mother should start paying attention to whether the baby has too many long hair toys, and whether the sheets and quilt are replaced regularly. Because these places are where dust mites breed, dust mites are also a very common allergen. Therefore, it is generally recommended to have a mother with an allergic constitution. It is best to leave 1 or 2 babies at home. Babies like long -haired toys. Then these two dolls have to be cleaned regularly, it is best to once a week. Try not to lay a carpet at home, the carpet is a vacuum cleaner, is there any! Intersection What dust mites, dust, pollen, all live in the carpet.

3 Diaomin hidden in the bathroom and various dark corners

The air in spring is full of a good smell, especially the Jiangnan area. With this wet coming together, there are all kinds of molds. Mold is also one of the main allergens. Therefore, the molds and corners of the corner should be cleared in time. In the days with a particularly high humidity, conditions can be turned on. Bathroom towels and non -slip pads should be washed regularly and do not let them mold.

4 Those Diao people you may have never found

Everyone hates cockroaches, because it is particularly ugly, and it is killed in minutes after seeing it, but in fact, it can not only grow ugly but can induce asthma. Cockroache feces are potential asthma incentives. After the cockroaches are found, they must be killed in time, stored food, and keep dry and dry.

In addition to Xiaoqiang, there are various strong flavors and perfumes that can induce asthma. Emotions will also have a certain impact on asthma. There is also a sensitive to food. This is special screening. Generally, we do not recommend eating all red and yellow fruits and vegetables for children with allergic constitutions.

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Try not to contact allergens, it is still very helpful for asthma. Why do n’t do exercise in the above Diaomin, because although exercise may be caused by asthma, under safety, suitable exercise is greatly helpful to restore asthma, such as swimming and cardiopulmonary functional training.

Asthma is a chronic disease. Therefore, it is important to be important when taking time and quantitative medication. It is very important not to reduce the amount and discontinue drugs without permission. Cultivate good living habits, exercise frequently, stay away from allergens, and take medicine regularly, so that we can effectively control the disease of asthma and let our allergic physique grow healthy and healthy.


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