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In summer, how can children distinguish the cold and cold and cold?Grasp 1 key point

“My child has been” cold “. Why should I eat a cold and clear the” hot “granules?” Ms. Wang watched the doctor’s medicine worried, and did not dare to feed the child to eat.

Ms. Wang’s son Xiaoliang was 5 years old. She was not strictly covered by the quilt yesterday. She cough early in the morning and was still in pain. After the inspection, Ms. Wang found that her son had a fever. She cough and shouted pain in her throat. It was estimated that she was cold last night, so she quickly took him to the hospital.

I thought that when I arrived at the hospital, I was everything, but after returning home, I found that the doctor prescribed a lot of medicines for treating wind and cold. She took the medicine to the hospital to question the doctor. Under the patience of the doctor, she realized that she realized and apologized to the doctor.

Why is the child’s easy to catch a cold in summer? What is the difference between the cold and the wind and the wind?

1. Why do children always catch a cold?

No matter how lively and active children usually look like, they may have a cold, fever, and runny nose without paying attention. The frequency of being found by the disease is far from the adult. The reason is actually simple.

In childhood, children lack awareness of self -protection, difficult to grasp the temperature of the environment, and lack accurate cognition of cold and heat. Conditions of cold and fever.

In addition, the child is in the early stages of growth and development. The immune system has not yet been perfect, and there is no enough resistance to the pathogen. Therefore, it is more likely to get sick in the same environment than adults.

2. Summer strikes, children have a cold and “cold heat”

Many parents think that a cold is a small problem, and they will choose to go to the pharmacy to buy a Chinese patent medicine for their children. However, the cold and cold are distinguished, and the right medicine must be prescribed, otherwise it will only worsen the snow and aggravate the condition.

Children’s cold is a respiratory infection disease. There are colds and wind and heat. They can cause symptoms such as fever fear of cold, head pain, nasal congestion and runny nose.

Wind and cold: Children are usually mainly cold, fear of cold, fever, and cold, and the flowing nose is clear. In addition, it is accompanied by symptoms such as the throat itchy, sweating without thirst, shortness of breathing, severe cough sound, white tongue coating, thin sputum and other symptoms.

Wind and cold: Children are usually fever and cold, cold, cold, fear of cold, and the flowing nose is dirty. In addition, it is accompanied by symptoms such as sore throat, sweating, thirst, heavy breathing, severe cough, yellow tongue coating, and thick sputum and other symptoms.

The key to distinguishing wind and cold and wind is the symptoms of the throat. Generally, itchy throat is wind cold, and the throat swelling and pain are wind heat. Clinically, it must be comprehensively judged according to other symptoms.

Third, parents do 4 things well to avoid children repeatedly colds

Children are too small and lack the ability to take care of their own self -care, and lack resistance to the external environment. If they want to prevent colds, they must be guaranteed in four aspects.

1. Reasonable diet

Children’s diet should ensure the diversity of nutritional ingredients and the variety of ingredients. On this basis, the supplement of vitamins and protein appropriately can be supplemented by milk, lean meat, eggs and fish.

In addition, pay attention to the development of eating habits and laws, such as: not picky food, not eating cold and irritating foods, three meals a day on time, and so on.

2. Put on the right

Children should pay attention to the temperature, especially children’s environmental temperature is not highly adapted to the outside world. Parents should pay attention to observation. The cold and hot weather should be added to the child in time.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

Sanitary habits should start with themselves. First of all, parents should guide their children to develop a clean habit of maintaining their own mouth, body, and clothing. Secondly, the environment of the home must be guaranteed to be clean and tidy, and the room is more ventilated. Finally, adults and children should pay attention to hygiene, and do not directly contact children’s hands or faces with dirty hands or other dirt.

4. Physical exercise

A moderate amount of exercise can increase human vitality, enhance children’s resistance, and improve physical fitness. It is a good choice. In addition, physical exercise in outdoor can also allow children to stay electronic products away, indirectly reduce electronic radiation.

In childhood, the human body is in a “primary stage” and is very fragile. If you want to grow up healthy, you must rely on the care of adults. Colds are one of the most common diseases in pediatrics. Parents should understand the difference between wind and cold and wind and heat, and provide children with better health protection. Remind everyone: Children’s illnesses are complex and changeable. If you are sick, it is best to send medical treatment immediately. Do not take medicine without authorization.

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