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In the end, “who” causes a man to block the vas deferens of men

The transparent tube blockage is a major murderer who causes male infertility. There is generally no obvious external manifestation symptoms in male vasal tubes. So what are the causes of the transparent pipe blocking? What are the reasons for the transparent pipe block?

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1. Congenital malformations:

Such as the lack of epididymal head, body, and tail section, a section or completely lacking of the vasia tube, the vasia tube is not connected to the epididymis, the epididymal, the vasal pipe or the seminal vessel development is inaccurate.

2. Tumor:

Such as epididymal tumors, seminal tumors, prostate tumors, etc., can cause obstruction of the vasters.

3. Damage:

Such as hernia repair, spermatic veins, spermatic tumor surgery and other injury and vascular tubes; epididymal semen cysts, test sperm pills sheath sector effusion surgery, can hurt the epididymia; prostate surgery can cause the ejaculation tube mouth to occur; Direct damage, but postoperative infection adhesion scars, etc., can be compressed and obstructed by the vasal pipeline.

4. Infection of the urogenital system:

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Such as epididymitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, or tuberculosis tuberculosis, etc., causing obstruction of vasters of vasters and connecting parts with epididymia and vasters.

The above is the relevant introduction of the cause of the transparent tube blocking. The male expert reminds male friends to go to a regular hospital for examination and diagnosis if there is symptoms of the above -mentioned vasal pipe obstruction.

(Editor in charge: Chen Hao)

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