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In the face of the epidemic, how can diabetic patients control sugar steadily?

The new coronary virus infection has been included as an acute respiratory tract infectious disease. Class B infectious diseases stipulated in the “Prevention and Treatment Law of the People’s Republic of China” are managed according to class A infectious diseases.

Reducing personnel flow and reducing face -to -face contact is an effective method of cutting off the source of infection, that is, requirements: everyone goes out, staying at home can greatly reduce contact, greatly reduce the chance of cross -infection.

For patients with diabetes, without going out or staying at home, people may not be able to dine on time because of sleeping, not applying hypoglycemic drugs on time, less activity, and eating more snacks.

Patients with bran urine reducing the prevention and control of the epidemic or without going out or not going out, how can we do the effective sugar control of the home? Zhou Peiru, director of the Health Management Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, takes you to learn:

1. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, go out, wear masks, and wash your hands frequently.

2. Work and rest on time to ensure sufficient sleep. But don’t sleep, don’t sleep, don’t sleep, talk about it three times.

3. Living diet. Diet therapy is the basis for all diabetes treatment. But with the spread of the epidemic, in order to avoid infection, everyone was at home. However, at home, it is prone to dietary chaos and snacks. This is not a big problem for a normal person and no diabetes, but for diabetic patients In strict accordance with the requirements of diabetic diet therapy, what you can do is: “fully armed” to store some easy to preserve vegetables and meats, and learn to make diabetic meals at home.

So how can we follow the requirements of diabetic diet?

(1) Follow the principles of diabetes and diet: Control the principles of total calories, balanced diet structure, reasonable meals, and timing quantitative, and it will not be wrong for a long time.

(2) Do not eat snacks at will: Most of the snacks accumulated at home are candy, snacks, nuts, etc. When you stay at home, you can easily become an unconscious behavior. Low blood sugar appears, we need Say “NO” for snacks. If you eat snacks between the two meals, it is a meal, and the amount of meals is deducted from the energy of the meal.

(3) Timed meals: According to food digestion in the human body, mixed food stays in the stomach for 4-5 hours. Therefore, the interval between two meals for diabetic patients: 7-8 o’clock breakfast, 12 o’clock Chinese meals, and 18 o’clock for dinner. This is a more regular and suitable meal time, please follow.

(4) Staying at home, there are naturally less activities. Should our total intake of calories change? At this time, you should calculate your daily total heat with light physical activity, (height-weight)*(25-30) = your total daily hot card, if you are superb obesity, reduce the calories appropriately.

(5) During the cooking process, follow the principles of low salt and less oil, choose the authentic, fiber -rich foods, and use the cooking method of steaming, cooking, frying, slippery, sauce, and mixing.

(6) Patients with diabetes are mostly accompanied by blood viscosity and high bias, staying at home, less movement, slow blood circulation, less sweating, and conscious drinking water will also decrease. In this case, it is easy to lead to the formation of venous thrombosis. Essence Therefore, please drink plenty of water to ensure sufficient water. It must reach 2000ml a day. You can also use vegetables and fruits to make vegetable juice, which can effectively reduce blood viscosity.

4. Exercise is one of the indispensable methods for sugar friends to control sugar. However, staying at home, some sugar friends will say that I have no condition to exercise, and I will not exercise.

Is it really not possible to exercise at home? Let’s take a look, how to exercise at home?

(1) Family affairs, cleaning and wiping furniture at home every day are also an activity, that is, to prevent viruses and exercise.

(2) Do some movements that can be carried out in the balcony and living room at home. Choose to sit up, waist and neck stretching movement, lift dumbbells (without dumbbells can be replaced by 600ml of mineral water), run or run or run in place or run or Quickly walk in place, Tai Chi, Eight Duanjin and other sports methods. Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise should be combined.

Aerobic exercise requires a long time of exercise. When doing aerobic exercise, keep in mind the principle of “1357”:

“One” exercise at least once a day;

“Three” continuous exercise is not less than 30 minutes;

“Five” exercise 3 to 5 times a week;

The heart rate should be “170-age” after the “seven” exercise.

Power training of specific muscles, or short -term and high -intensity exercise, such as dumbbells, is called anaerobic exercise.

(3) Evaluation after exercise: Self -feeling: Heat and sweat, but not sweating. Pingling, talking, but not singing. After exercise, the pulse rate = 170 -age is the appropriate amount of exercise.

In a small area and sports venue, wearing a mask can also perform outdoor fast walking or jogging exercise. However, it is not recommended to exercise with the unknown crowd and keep a certain distance from the crowd.

5. Persist in time, quantitative, and regular medication, and cooperate with reasonable meals; whether it is injecting insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs, you must adhere to the medication. Discarding the most wise for timely remedy, often missed medicine, please consult your doctor in time; adjust the medicinal type and dose according to the variety, number, time, and blood sugar changes; you cannot apply the leakage drugs with the next meal. If the drug has been used up, it must be prescribed by the nearest hospital and community health service center to ensure the normal use of hypoglycemic drugs. 6. Treat and prevent and control epidemic conditions in a serious and positive attitude

Diabetes patients are easily attacked by various diseased sources due to metabolic disorders in their bodies and decreased resistance. When the epidemic comes, diabetic patients are worried that they are susceptible to infection, leading to tension, anxiety and other emotions, and emotional changes can affect blood sugar; bad emotions can affect insulin secretion and cause blood sugar instability in diabetic patients. Therefore, patients with diabetes should treat the epidemic with a positive mentality and prevent infection carefully. Once they are found to be infected, they will see the doctor as soon as possible.

7. Do a good job of blood sugar monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring is a very important part of diabetes management. By measuring blood glucose, it can help determine the effect of blood glucose control and changes in blood sugar, which is conducive to adjusting the treatment plan in time. How can the sugar friends measure blood sugar and how many times of blood glucose? Recommended according to the “Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Diabetes (2017)”:

① Injecting insulin patients should measure blood sugar 1-4 times a day. You can choose to monitor two hours before, two hours after three meals, and before going to bed;

② patients with type 1 diabetic should measure at least 3 times a day;

③ Patients with good blood glucose control should be monitored 1-2 days of blood glucose per week;

④ Patients with poor blood glucose and unstable patients should monitor blood sugar daily until blood sugar is controlled.

If you find poor blood glucose control or repeated hypoglycemia, it is recommended to monitor and find the cause of hypoglycemia at home, and find the cause of poor blood sugar control. If you can handle and adjust it at home, adjust it yourself; you can adjust the drugs yourself. Under the premise, the blood glucose is still not controlled, and you should contact the doctor in time, including the nearby clinic, telephone communication, or online consultation. You must go to the hospital for a good protection from the premise of protecting it to ensure that in a special period, steady blood sugar, safe security, safe safe Over. (Correspondent: Zhang Cancheng)

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