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In the summer, the baby’s neck skin is red, what is going on?

Guide expert: Deputy Chief Physician Li Xiaowei, Dermatology Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

As the temperature rises, we find that some babies’ delicate necks, armpits, or arms, thighs roots and other skin wrinkles are red. This is a skin disease that often occurs in Xiaobao in summer- ” “Smoil”, commonly known as “flooding neck”.

In the summer, the baby's neck skin is red, what is going on?

The baby of Xiaoyue Ling is lying down for a long time, and sweat, saliva, etc. flow to the neck, especially the fat baby, and the folds are deeper. If they are not cleaned in time, these liquids have been accumulated for a long time on the skin folds. In place, it is easy to cause infection, and the baby’s skin is very delicate. Small stimuli can cause skin redness and even erosion. In severe cases, bacterial or fungal infections may occur. , Purulent, etc., causing the baby’s discomfort and crying.

When the baby has a “flooding neck”, the parents need to pay attention to the cleaning of the baby’s skin in time, especially the skin wrinkles. Be sure to pay attention to cleaning. When cleaning, pay attention to the movement. After cleaning, dip out dry water. If the baby is in a sober state, it can let the baby turn around and look up and dry the neck. Generally speaking, if the skin is only slightly reddish, pay attention to cleaning, and generally can be seen in about a month. If there is already seepage and purulence in the skin wrinkles, it is recommended to see the doctor quickly. And use some drugs under the guidance of a doctor to avoid more severe infections.

Of course, to avoid the occurrence of “flooding neck”, the most important thing is to pay attention to preventive:

1. Pay attention to daily cleaning

In the summer, the baby's neck skin is red, what is going on?

Every day, pay attention to the cleaning of the baby’s skin, especially when sweating in the summer, parents can clean and diligently, and pay special attention to some skin wrinkles when cleaning. Full dipped in drying to keep the skin dry, but pay attention to avoid wiping hard to prevent skin damage. At the same time, pay attention to avoid using cool body powder, oily moisturizing paste or some irritating ointment, so as not to stimulate the baby’s delicate skin skin And aggravated “flooding neck”.

2. The temperature of the living room should be appropriate

The environmental temperature and humidity of the baby’s room should be appropriate. Pay attention to keeping the indoor ventilation. If the weather is relatively hot in summer, you can turn on the air conditioner appropriately.

3. Sleeping and breathable in personal clothes

In the summer, the baby's neck skin is red, what is going on?

It is best to choose a soft and breathable cotton material to avoid using polyester, wool, nylon and synthetic fibers such as stimulating or breathable fabrics to avoid wearing high -necked clothes. For a long time, he can put him with a soft cotton mouthwarm and pay attention to replace it in time.

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4. Let the baby lie more in a sober state during the day

Locking is the basis for the development of the baby’s big movement. In the daytime sober state, let the baby look up more, not only can exercise the baby’s big movement, but also, the baby can keep the wrinkled neck skin stretching in the process of looking up. By breathable, helps to volatilize sweat and keep the neck dry, and can also prevent the occurrence of “flooding neck”.

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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