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In the summer, what should patients with allergic rhinitis pay attention to?

The suffering of allergies is not clear in three words, especially for patients with allergic rhinitis.Patients with allergic rhinitis are facing the risk of recurrence anytime, anywhere, and each time allergic rhinitis occurs, it is easy to cause runny nose or sneezing, which is particularly uncomfortable.At present, in the summer, let’s introduce to you what the summer is allergic to rhinitis, what should be paid attention to.

1. Pay attention to stay away from allergen source

First of all, if you have allergic rhinitis, you must have some substances, such as the catkins in spring, the pollen in summer, and wait for some allergies, so you must stay away from the allergens at this time.Sticking pollen or inhaling mutual allergies causes allergic rhinitis.Otherwise, it ’s not easy to sneeze.

2. Keep indoor supplies hygiene

In addition, you must keep the interior’s supplies hygiene. Because the mattresses, quilts, and plush toys in the room may be hidden in mites, so you need to clean it regularly, and the indoor indoor must be replaced with ventilation often.Qi, keep the air humidity at 40-60%.

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3. Pay attention to a healthy diet

For patients with allergic rhinitis, they must pay special attention to their diet. Try to eat foods as little as possible and eat as little sugar as much as possible to avoid high oil and high calories.People with allergies should not drink ice water, so as not to stimulate allergies.Eating lactic acid bacteria foods every day can relieve allergic rhinitis including pollen disease.

The main precautions of allergic rhinitis are to avoid contact with allergens, and also pay attention to keep warm to avoid the stimulation of cold air. Usually exercise more to enhance your own resistance. Diet must be lighter.Eat spicy foods, do not stay up late.Now the above points are mainly introduced to you, what should be paid attention to when allergic rhinitis appears.In addition, patients with allergic rhinitis should also pay attention to keeping warm, because if they are cold, it is easy to cause this disease.

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