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In winter, the skin is dry and itching. Citizens buy medicine by themselves, but the more itchy experts remind itching to stop itching.

The weather in winter is cold and dry, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Many citizens have the habit of long -term open heating. After a long time, the skin becomes dry, and the bath is too frequent, the skin will gradually occur rough, itching and other problems. Some citizens go to the pharmacy to buy medicines for the treatment of itching, but they often have no effect because the prescription is wrong, and even counterproductive. Not only can it not achieve the effect of relief, it may also damage the skin.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Wuhan First Hospital that in the winter of this year, the number of people who were treated in the treatment of skin problems caused a significantly increased skin problem due to itching and random skin medicine, an increase of 30 % over last year.

Daddy’s back itching and medication, but the more itchy, the more itchy

Daddy Zhang, 66, lives in Hankou. Recently, Wuhan has cooled down, and the weather has become dry and cold, but he insists on taking a hot bath before going to bed every night.

Recently, Dad Zhang felt itchy up and down his body, especially his back, and sometimes itching was difficult to fall asleep. At first he thought he didn’t wash the bath, so he rubbed it with a bath with a bath, but the skin became more dry after a while, and even the phenomenon of cracking peeling. Itching is unbearable, and he turned out to treat dermatitis from his house. He had no effect after a few days of treatment, and his back became more and more itchy. In some places, he was caught by the skin.

Qin Li, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital, said that Zhang Dad’s skin was dry and there were many places with erythema and desquamation. It was caused by dry winter climate, reduced skin oil secretion, and lack of moisturizing. If the selected medicine is not right, it will not be relieved for a long time. According to Dad Zhang’s condition, Qin Li prescribed itchy ointment and told him to reduce the frequency of bathing and pay attention to moisturizing.

30 % of patients with skin injury caused by improper medication

Recently, the reporter visited many pharmacies in Jiangcheng and found that there are many medicines for treating itching in winter skin. When the reporter said to the pharmacy staff, when the weather was dry in winter and the symptoms of itching of the skin, the drugs recommended by different pharmacy staff were very different. Regarding the taboos of medication, most pharmacy staff did not mention it in the introduction.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the first hospital in Wuhan that since the winter, the number of patients who cause skin injury due to improper medication increased by 30 % compared with last year.

Qin Li introduced that the weather is dry in winter, and in a room with air -conditioning heating for a long time. If the bath is too frequent, it will increase the dryness of the skin. After the skin is dry and desquamated, itching will cause itching symptoms. Since the winter, most of the patients who have been admitted to skin damage caused by improper medication, most of the elderly, but there are many young people. Most of them are for convenience, buying drugs to treat itching skin by themselves. It is not until the skin causes damage.

Bathing in winter should reduce the frequency to control the water temperature

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Qin Li reminded that the weather was cold in winter, the indoor temperature was too high after the heating, the air was dry, and the people stayed in a dry environment for a long time, and the water in the body would accelerate the loss. If red blood, pimples, small pus, peeling, etc., symptoms such as itching and burning should be treated in time. If you use ointment privately, it may cause hormone dependent dermatitis and even delay the condition. Corticitis should understand the cause and choose the right medicine.

She suggested that citizens can reduce the frequency of bathing in winter, especially those with less secretion of dried skin oils for the elderly or dry skin. It is recommended to wash 2 to 3 times a week. Each bath time can be controlled at 5 to 10 minutes. Keep it at 37 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. After taking a shower, you can gently rub the skin with a towel, and immediately use the moisturizing agent to moisturize the skin to maintain the integrity of the skin stratum corneum and improve the skin barrier function.

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