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Health of Eden specializes in nutritional supplements, formulated and manufactured locally by Nature's Products in Eden, Utah.


    • SUPERIOR Blend of Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-Oxidants in One Nutritional Product
    •ADVANCED Immune System Builders with Maximum Strength Anti-Oxidants
    •PROTECTION against Cancer and Heart Disease
    •EXCELLENT Arthritis Relief Formula
    •MEGA Chelated Mineral Supplement for Strong & Healthy Bones and Joints

Diabet-X™ - Blood Sugar Management Formula

Perfect to help prevent Prediabetes from developing into Type 2 Diabetes

Purchase the #1 immune system builder in Australia and New Zealand,
Immunx™ with ActiVin™, for about a dollar a day. For maximum results, you can also purchase Australia and New Zealand's top selling Anti-Oxidant supplement, OPC Extra™ with ActiVin™.

Find out why
Immunx™ is so powerful and why it is the only single nutritional supplement you need. Click on WHY Immunx™? Visit our online store to purchase all of our products with complete security. We will never share any of your personal information with anyone.

We encourage you to compare our products and prices.


Why did Health of Eden choose to market these exceptional nutritional products?

Health of Eden is the exclusive online provider of nutritional supplements manufactured by
Nature's Products. As the online marketer of OPC Extra™ and Immunx™, Health of Eden prides itself in providing the most complete immune system builder available. Immunx™ is a total nutritional product containing the most comprehensive formula of antioxidants plus a complete blend of essential vitamins and chelated minerals. We invite you to try our products for just three months, and see for yourself if you don't feel like a completely new person. Our prices are always at least 50% below retail. As a special offer to new customers, we are providing an additional discount of 25%. Please click on the above coupon for details.

Now just to tell you a little about Health of Eden and its products, we need to start by introducing you to our friends, Ian & Sue Preston. After knowing them for a number of years and enjoying a great friendship, we learned precisely what they did for a living. They formulate and manufacture nutritional products
, which have their origin in New Zealand, where Ian & Sue are originally from. They developed these products under the name of Nature's Products and have been designing nutritional formulas for over 30 years. About 30 years ago, they moved to Eden, Utah where they raised 10 children and now have over 30 grandchildren.

In the next few months, we learned that
Nature's Products focuses on the tremendous health benefits of antioxidants. We also learned that they produce the top immune system builders sold in New Zealand and Australia. Subsequently, I decided to try them myself. I used to get bronchitis every winter, and each time I would be down in bed for a number of weeks. Since I started taking their products about nine years ago, I haven't had more than a minor cold or a slight case of the flu.

Ian & Sue have a strong conviction that everyone should be taking a nutritional supplement containing strong antioxidants on a regular basis. They encourage everyone to either use their products or to find one they are comfortable using. We most emphatically agree.

We decided to ask Ian & Sue if they were marketing their
products online. They said that they weren't interested in doing so themselves, but they agreed that if we were interested they would support us 100%. We arranged to distribute their products everywhere outside of New Zealand and Australia and exclusively on the internet.





Visit our
online store or call (801) 648-7233 to see for yourself how these products could change your life. We are currently offering specials in our online store.


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