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Infant diet, fat is essential

In fact, infants and young children have relatively high demand for fat, and the percentage of fat supply energy in their diets is significantly higher than that of school -age children and adults. The Chinese Nutrition Society has recently stipulated that the fat intake of babies 0-6 months should account for 45%-50%of the total thermal energy, 35%-40%in 6-12 months, and 30%-35 in 2-6 years old %, 25%-30%after 6 years old. This reminds us that the amount of fat in the dietary diet must be sufficient, because the reason is:

1. The amount of children’s food is small, and the sufficient amount of fat in the diet can provide more energy.

Although the growth and development of children 1-3 years old is not as fast as infants, they are still faster than older. In order to meet the needs of the rapid growth and development of young children during this period, the demand for thermal energy is relatively high. However, children’s gastric capacity is small, the amount of food taken is limited, and the heat energy (9 kcal/grams) provided by fat is higher than the same weight carbohydrate or protein (4 kcal/gram). A sufficient heat can ensure normal metabolism and maintain reasonable weight.

2. Essential fatty acids in fat are essential nutrients for the development of children’s nervous system.

From 2 months of pregnancy, 2 years after birth is an important period of human brain development. Therefore, pay special attention to the nutrition of infants and young children in the critical stage of brain development. The brain is mainly composed of protein, fat, and other components. Among them, fatty acids include saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. The former can be synthesized by the body. Raw materials to synthesize.

Plant oil such as soybean oil contains 87%of unsaturated fatty acids (including 53%of linoleic acid, 6%linolenic acid), 80%of peanut oils (of which linoleic acid is 26%), and vegetable oil contains 94%(22%of linoleic acid). Therefore, the full amount of vegetable oil supply in children’s diet can meet the body’s demand for linoleic acid and linolenic acid, and ensure the normal development of the nervous system.

However, it should be noted that young children should avoid intake of hydrogenated oil, such as butter (Machelin), hydrogenated peanut butter (a kind of imported bread coating sauce), coagulated edible oil, etc. Foods of oil and palm oil.

3. Fat can promote the absorption of fat -soluble vitamins.

4. Fat can make the diet delicious and delicious.

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Parents can reasonably choose soybean oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, or color tensile oil, or Kaf sauce to make children’s dishes, which not only is rich in nutrition, but also adds an endless taste to the diet of children.

For example, after the vegetable porridge and noodles are appropriately added with vegetable oil, the child will eat it with interest; the cooked vegetarian oil is added to the dumpling stuffing or the dumplings will become more delicious; Later, a special aroma will be emitted to match them with other dishes, which can stimulate children’s appetite and increase food.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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