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Infant eczema hanging pediatrics or dermatology

Baby eczema should hang dermatology.

Baby eczema generally starts from the second to third month after the child is born. The skin lesions mainly occur on their cheeks, foreheads and scalp, and a few severe patients can develop to the trunk and limbs because of the progress of the disease.According to the characteristics of rash, eczema can be divided into exudation and dry type.The exudate infant eczema mostly occurs in babies with obese constitutions. The characteristics of skin lesions are mainly diffuse erythema. There are pimples, pimples, and blisters on the tip to the size of rice grains on the erythema.With erosion and osmotic liquid, dry exudate can form a yellow thick crust.Dry -type eczema mainly occurs in thin babies. The skin is dry and has no obvious exudation. There will be gray -white bran -shaped scales on the surface of the skin, which often occurs on the face, torso and limbs.

Eczema is a kind of inflammatory disease that causes complicated causes.Baby eczema may be related to the baby’s allergic constitution, or it may be related to environmental factors or food.Babies are not suitable for oral drugs for treatment because they are young. Generally, drug treatment is mainly used.The baby’s skin is thin and tender and easy to absorb. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the choice of drugs. The medication should be based on the stages of eczema, because the dosage forms of the drugs used in each staging are different.If you are in the acute stage, you can use a 1%-3%boric acid solution for cold compress.If there is no leakage, you can use a cooker to wash it.A zinc oxide paste can be used in the subacute period.You can use dehumidification and itching ointment in a chronic stage, or soft hormone ointment, such as hydrogenated pour creams.

During the treatment, you need to pay attention to the living environment, temperature and humidity, and you need to pay attention to the choice of clothes. It is recommended to wear loose and soft cotton clothes. You should also pay attention to the temperature of the bath water should not be too high.After that, you need to apply the moisturizer.In addition, pay attention to a reasonable diet to promote the improvement of the condition as soon as possible.

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