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Infertility and infertility increased, sperm quality plummeted, how can modern men survive in gaps?

On May 11, the National Bureau of Statistics issued the seventh main national census main data. The census data shows that China’s total population is 1.4178 million. In 2020, my country’s birth population was 12 million, a record low, a significant decrease of 18%compared with the previous year’s 14.65 million.

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Talking about the reasons for the decrease in birth rate, Ning Jizhen, director of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the reduction rate of birth rate has been affected by factors such as the increasingly frequent population flow in my country, the improvement of housing conditions, and the independent residence of young people after marriage.

In fact, in addition to the influence of social factors, health factors also account for important reasons.

From the perspective of long-term dimensions, the incidence of infertility in my country continues to rise. In 1995, the infertility rate in my country was only about 3%. From 2012 to 2018 The number of people has risen rapidly from the 40 million mark to the 50 million mark, and the overall infertility rate has risen to 16.00%. It can be clearly seen that the increase in infertility in my country in recent years has increased.

Judging from the main causes of different gender infertility people in my country, for men, sperm and semen abnormalities are the main causes of infertility; for women, thin uterine endometrium is the main factor for infertility to cause infertility Essence

In recent years, some studies have found that the number of sperm in global men, especially Western countries, is significantly reduced, causing concerns about the decline in human reproduction.

Recently, in the new book published by Professor Shanna Swan, an American epidemiologist Shanna Swan, the conclusion that the number of sperm may be close to 0 in 2045 by analyzing data can be directly obtained by analyzing data.

Although the data and views of the book have been questioned by many independent scholars, and Harvard’s scholars have been re -analyzed, pointing directly at alarmist. However, it is undeniable that the total number of male sperm has indeed decreased in recent years.

Earlier, a research published in the “Temporal Trends in Sperm Count: A System Trends in Sperm Count: A System” magazine’s research on the study of 43,000 male men from 1973 to 2011 between 1973 and 2011, between 1973 and 2011. Studies have found that in North America, Europe, and Australia, the total number and concentration of sperm have fallen by 50%to 60%, and an average of 1.4%per year.

China’s situation is also not optimistic. Over time, the concentration of men’s semen and sperm in my country has shown a significant decline since 14 years since 1995.

The World Health Organization has even lowered the standard of qualified semen twice. In the “Human Semen Treatment and Inspection Laboratory Handbook”, the number of male sperm has dropped from the average number of 100 million per mill hundred million in 1970 to 15 million per ml.

It stands to reason that modern medicine is changing with each passing day and the rapid development of human science. Why does sperm quality continue to decline?

There are many reasons for the decline in male sperm quality, such as physiological, genetic, environmental and lifestyle and other factors. Among them, the way of food, diet and nutritional components in recent years Essence

Since 1980, more and more animal research and in vitro research have proved that obesity and unhealthy diet may play a key role in regulating sperm quality and fertilization ability. For example, high -fat diet, trans fatty acid intake, saturated fat or cholesterol, etc.

In 2020, a study published in Gut in the top gastrointestinal sculpture showed that high -fat diet can affect sperm’s exercise ability.

In this study, researchers transplanted the intestinal microorganisms of the high -fat diet (HFD) mice into mice in the normal diet (ND) of group A, and transplanted the normal diet mice into the intestinal microbial of the normally diet to the mice of the normal diet in Group B. middle.

Studies have found that the sperm of mice in group A is significantly reduced with sperm vitality, and there is no obvious phenomenon of mice in Group B. The results of the study show that the microbial group disorders caused by a high -fat diet and the deficiency of sperm are closely related to sperm.

In addition, a report on the Sleep, an annual meeting of the professional sleep association jointly organized by the American Sleep Medicine Association and the Sleep Research Association in 2020, shows that the use of light -emitting electronic equipment at night will reduce men’s sperm quality. According to the statistical analysis of self -reporting, researchers have found that men who use smartphones or tablets at night, their sperm concentration, activity ability, and gradual activity ability (sperm normal “swimming” ability) should be lower, and those who cannot swim or not or not The proportion of moving sperm is higher.

Since there are many reasons that cause sperm quality to decline, is there any way to improve?

The answer is yes. According to the suggestion of the Meoo Clinic, exercise, low -fat diet, smoke limit wine, and regular schedule can improve sperm quality.

A study published in the “Human Reproduction Update” magazine in 2017, which comprehensively analyzed the quality and conception rate of male sperm and pregnancy in different foods. The study showed that men’s adherence to healthy diet can improve semen quality and quality andFertilization rate.<!-2510: Organize terminal page

This study reminds that it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, selenium, zinc, corn and lycopene, etc.), vitamin (vitamin D, folic acid) and low saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acidsThe food of food is positively correlated with sperm quality. At the same time, fish, shellfish, seafood, poultry, grains, vegetables, fruits, low -fat dairy products, skimmed milk are positively correlated with sperm quality indicators.

In addition, the diet of processing meat, soybean products, potatoes, whole dairy products and total dairy products, cheese, coffee, alcohol, sugary drink and candy is related to the low quality of sperm.It is worth mentioning that a large number of men’s intake of alcohol, caffeine, red meat and processing meat will significantly reduce the conception.

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