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Infertility men choose testicular biopsy carefully

“Doctor, we want to do testicular biopsy.” Or “Doctor, we are going to do testicular puncture.” Many infertility men think that testicular biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosis of infertility. This understanding is deviated. In fact, in the strict sense, the testicular biopsy is a gold standard for diagnosing testicular sperm function rather than the gold standard for diagnosis of infertility. There are fundamental differences between the two.

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General process of infertility male examination

When fertility, the couple should be checked at the same time.

Men should find urogenital surgeons for examination. Generally, the genitals should be checked, including penis, testicles, epididymia, and sperm cables. At the same time, they should be prohibited for five days of sperm liquid tests to understand the number and quality of sperm.

Normal men’s color is gray, sticky, good mobility, and the activity rate is more than 70 %. The malformation rate is less than 20 %, the counting is more than 60 million, and semen liquefaction is about thirty minutes from the body. If the above test is abnormal, it can affect fertility.

If the sperm count is too low to have no sperm, if the conditions are eligible, you can also consider the testicular biopsy to accurately understand the seminated disorder. If the testicular biopsy is confirmed that the sperm’s sperm may be normal, the voyage pipe may be blocked, and the obstruction can be used to understand the blocking parts.

Testicles biopsy cannot be done at will

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Testes living tissue examination is a clinical technology with dual function diagnosis and treatment. It is to take a small piece of living testicular tissue through surgical methods to conduct pathological section tissue observation to understand the condition of testicular sperm. Evaluate the prognosis.

Experts said that a few infertility is suitable for testicular biopsy. Generally, no trauma examination can make a clear diagnosis of the vast majority of patients. In traditional impressions, it seems that patients with no spermosis must conduct testicular biopsy. In fact, this is not the case, and the azoospermia is also classified: one is obstructive sperm -free, and the other is non -obstructive sperm. The former can clearly diagnose the diagnosis through the improvement of the biochemical and endocrine examination of semen, semen, semen, and endocrine. The latter usually needs to perform testicular puncture or biopsy when the diagnosis cannot be clearly diagnosed.

If there is a mature sperm in the tissue after testing, it is possible to obtain your own blood for your own blood through new technologies. However, testicular puncture or biopsy technology is trauma. Try not to do this test, because the results of the examination are almost instructional significance for drug treatment. Not only does it have no good for drug treatment, but it also destroys the blood test barrier, it is easy to produce anti -sperm antibodies, and it is more difficult to treat.

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