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Infinitive old flowers mirror devour the health of the elderly

With a homemade cloth bag and holding a few pairs of inferior old flower mirrors, their figures often flash now on the morning market and the ground stalls. The elderly are their sales goals. The cheap price and lagging concept have made some elderly people who think of cheap actually bought hidden dangers. The doctor reminded that inferior old flower mirrors are quietly devouring the health of the elderly.

Promoting inferior old flower mirror

At 7:45 on September 14th, a middle -aged man stood at the intersection of Happy Road in Happiness Road, staring at the elderly who came to the morning market. Suddenly he walked towards an old man and talked to him: “You are in the early 60s Is it right? “Master:” Yes. “Middle -aged man:” Do you feel a little flowers when you feel about looking at things recently? “The old man:” Yes! Yes. “The man took out a pair of glasses and handed it to the old man.

Introduction of middle -aged men: This is a regular old flower mirror produced by a factory in the Mainland. Due to the failure of the company, he took out dozens of glasses from the warehouse to sell it, selling only 10 yuan a pair. The old man bought a pair of glasses after hearing the letter. The reporter noticed that there was no packaging box sold by the man. Where do these old flower mirrors come from and the quality?

The cost is only 2.5 yuan

On September 15, the reporter came to the small commodity wholesale city of the South Railway Station. At a daily department store stall, the old flower mirror was placed in the clear position of the booth.

The reporter picked up a pair of old flower mirrors: “Do you not need optometry if you buy this kind of glasses?” The boss: “No, the old flower mirror is like a magnifying glass, you can see things clearly.”

Reporter: “Are these products all produced by regular manufacturers?” The boss: “Absolutely.” The reporter did not see any factory address on the Blossom Mirror packaging box. Some important information was replaced in English.

The reporter came to another small commodity wholesale store: “I can buy 50 old flower mirrors for friends, how can I buy relatively qualified products?” The boss: “I can help you buy it, each cost 5 yuan wholesale to you to the wholesale to you you.”

The boss introduced several methods of sales: claiming that manufacturers’ direct sales, customized all foreign language packaging boxes, and acquisition of old -fashioned old flower mirror boxes — these preparations for customers to believe in your product channel formal and qualified product quality.

He revealed that the lens of cheap old flower mirrors was processed with ordinary industrial glass, and the cost was only 2.5 yuan.

Does the old flower mirror not need optometry?

Zhang Fengqiao, 66, believes: “Buying an old flower mirror is only for life, it is not worthy of the formal hospital for optometry before buying.”

She explained that the optometry in the hospital needs to wait for a long queue to wait for the call and repeatedly check the vision. After vision correction to a certain degree, the number of glasses can be determined, and the whole process is time -consuming and complicated. Aunt Zhang’s words were recognized by the other three peers.

At the same time, Aunt Zhang reported that her wife often appeared dizziness when she wore a flower mirror to read newspapers.

Zhang Hongyan, Director of the Five Officials Department of the First People’s Hospital of Urumqi: Usually normal people’s vision will gradually appear in old flowers after 45 years of age.

The inferior old flower mirror cannot make up for the decline of the adjustment function. Due to the poor light transmission effect, uneven magnification, inaccurate degrees, and asymmetric pupil distances, symptoms such as eye pain, nausea, and vomiting will occur after wearing.

The cheap lens material, because the quality of optical is not reliable, will generate a poor light transmission rate, and the location of the optical center is deviated. The quality problems of glasses are mainly reflected in the degree of glasses, the axis of the astigmatism, the pupil distance, and the high pupils. If one is inaccurate, it will seriously affect the health of the eyes.

Before matching the mirror, you should go to a regular hospital for optometry to determine the degree, pupil distance, or whether astigmatism, etc. In addition, diabetic patients should wait for the stable stage of blood glucose before optometry.

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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