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Insulin dependent on people with diabetes will bring these adverse reactions

For diabetic patients, insulin is like a “life -saving agent”, which can help diabetic patients control blood sugar, but insulin does not need to be injected after diabetes. If long -term abuse of insulin will cause a series of risk damage. When do I need to inject insulin? What are the dangers of long -term insulin? Let’s take a closer look!

When do I need to inject insulin?

The reason why people get diabetes are mainly caused by insulin and insulin resistance. There is no doubt that insulin is the only hormone that reduces blood sugar for the body, and injection of insulin can effectively reduce blood sugar. Therefore, when it comes to the topic of diabetes, many diabetic patients will feel “diabetes, and insulin is injected.” In fact, insulin is not injected when you want to be injected.

When do I need to inject cagonin? For type 1 diabetes caused by insulin deficiency, if you do not pay attention to it, it may cause ketoic acid poisoning. Therefore, at this time, it is recommended to inject insulin under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise it is likely to endure any health. Don’t think that insulin injection is the final “bottom line” cannot be defended to death. In fact, if the doctor recommends that the injection is still reliable to listen to professional medical staff.

At the same time, if the diabetes is just diagnosed, the blood glucose value is very high. This belongs to type 2 diabetes, and insulin needs to be used in time under the guidance of a doctor. You can’t say that you want to fight, and will not help the condition at all.

In addition, for those patients who have just discovered diabetes, but they cannot distinguish whether or type 1 or type 2, it is recommended to inject insulin for treatment first, and then determine the relevant diabetic types after the symptoms are relieved.

Although insulin has significant hypoglycemic effect, if you rely on insulin for a long time, there are certain side effects:

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First of all, long -term injection of insulin may increase the weight of the human body and easily cause abdominal obesity. Therefore, many diabetic patients who have long -term insulin injecting insulin always seem to be “big abdomen” but their limbs are thin. But this is actually “fat and fat”. It does not mean that the patient’s body is better and more “blessed”.

Long -term injection of insulin can also cause hypoglycemia reactions, and a little bit of attention can easily cause a coma to risk accidents. Therefore, injecting insulin is not blindly performed. Don’t see the blood glucose rising slightly, and put a dose of insulin.

The above is the introduction of the relevant content of when to inject insulin. Obviously, insulin is a very particular treatment method. It is not an injection by the patient if you want to inject it. Therefore, you must pay attention to avoiding relevant risk damage. Insulin ≠ universal agent, be careful!

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