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Insulin injection, have you done right?

With the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in diet structure, the prevalence of diabetes is getting higher and higher. In 2010, the prevalence of adult diabetes in the country over 18 years of age of diabetes was 11.6%. Whether blood glucose meets the standard has become the focus of our attention. Insulin injection therapy played a very great role in it, and patients still have a lot of misunderstandings about insulin injection and operation. It is common as follows:

1. Misunderstanding

1. Insulin, you can “quit” and need to be injected for life (×)

Many types of first diabetic patients who are first developed can quickly meet the blood glucose and reduce high glucose toxicity when the blood glucose is high. Oral drugs reduce sugar. Except for those who have not met the standards after the use of diabetes and multiple oral hypoglycemic drugs.

2. Use insulin will cause damage to islet cells and accelerate the progress of the disease (×)

On the contrary, injection of exogenous insulin can prevent auto -insuln cells from high -intensity work, protect it, and to a certain extent to help the recovery of islet cell function.

3. Inject insulin cannot/no need to take oral hypoglycemic drugs (×)

The role of insulin is to reduce blood glucose levels. Some patients with high insulin ledmia and patients with insulin resistance still need to use allergic agents such as di metaria to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin; In secretion, α-glycosidase inhibitors can inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in small intestinal epithelial cells, and collaborate with insulin hypoglycemic through different ways.

2. Misunderstanding

1. The insulin pens core in the home is stored in the refrigerator frozen cabinet (×)

Unexpected insulin should be stored in 2 ~ 8 ° C and avoiding direct sunlight and repeated shocks. Because the temperature is 25 ° C, it will affect the activity of insulin. Studies have shown that the sealing insulin has room temperature for 28 days.

2. In order to save money, reuse of insulin injection needle (×)

Repeated use of needles is not only a common phenomenon of patients in my country, but also a common problem in patients with global diabetes. It must attract great attention. The residual medicinal solution in the needle after reusing will affect the accuracy of the injection dose on the one hand, and on the one hand, the medicinal solution is likely to form a block to block the needle to hinder the next injection; the more repeated use of the needle, the more the prevalence of subcutaneous fat hyperplasia High; the needle staying on the insulin pen after injection is also easy to cause air or other pollutants into the pen core, and there are hidden safety hazards.

3. In order to save money, choose a long needle (×)

The injection target is to transport the insulin reliably to the subcutaneous tissue to ensure that there is no leakage and no discomfort. The length of the needle needs to be individualized. Considering the patient’s body shape, type of insulin, and physiological characteristics. Usually the shorter the needle, the higher the safety, and better tolerance.

4. In order to save, patients with 2 people or more diabetes in the family use the same insulin pen (core) (×)

Even if the blood can be seen without the naked eye, the trace blood that cannot be observed with the naked eye is more worrying because of its risks. If the blood flows to the pen, even if a new needle is switched, it will cause the disease to spread.

5. In order to facilitate and reduce pain, insulin is injected in the same part for a long time (×)

Insulin is a growth factor and has a synthesis effect. Repeated injection in the same part will cause subcutaneous fat hyperplasia in this area to produce hard constraints, resulting in a decrease in the drug absorption rate and prolonged absorption time, which leads to blood sugar fluctuations. The body suitable for injection of insulin is based on the fast and slow order of absorption: abdomen> arms> hips> thighs. Therefore, it is best to choose the abdomen in the front injection of short -acting insulin. In the injection and long -acting insulin, you hope to slow the absorption speed of the insulin. Patients can use the skin marking pen, use one equal area every week and always rotate in clockwise direction. When injecting in any division area, the interval between two consecutive injection distances should be at least 1 cm.

6. In order to save, no needle is pre -filled before insulin injection (×)

Before the injection, a little insulin should be used to fill the needle to ensure that there is insulin flowing at the tip of the needle, so as to ensure the accuracy of the dose of the injection insulin.

7. No correct and effective shaking before the premix insulin injection (×)

Premix insulin is a mixture of two kinds of insulin with different effects and maintenance of time. Before injection, it must be shaken and mixed. If the mix is ​​not fully mixed, it can easily cause insulin concentration to unstable, which will affect the effect of hypoglycemic and cause hypoglycemia. The correct mixing method is flip+rolling, that is, 10 times up and down in 10 seconds, and the horizontal rolling between the palms between the palms within 5 seconds, and at the same time, avoid severe shaking and produce bubbles.

8. Do not keep the injection site clean and dry before injection (×)

In order to ensure safety, local skin should be kept to prevent infection before injection. If you wipe it with alcohol, you should be injected after drying to prevent the sperm from being brought from the needle to the skin to cause pain.

9. The clockwise head and the surface of the skin are always vertical (×)

This is related to the length of the injection needle and the thickness of subcutaneous fat. If the length of the needle is 4mm, the person who is thinner needs to pinch the skin or tilt a certain angle to prevent the needle from being stabbed into the muscle layer and the pain, bleeding, or accelerating insulin absorption.

10. Pull out the needle immediately after the injection.

Because the needle of the insulin pen is relatively thin, the time required for the in -body to injection is relatively long, and the absorption speed is slower as the injection dose increases, so the needle stay at least 10 seconds during injection.Of course, among the many precautions of insulin injection, this is only the tip of the iceberg, but its essentials are only “safety” and “effective”.Finally, it is attached to the 9th step of standardized insulin injection standards:

<!-2586: Diabetic terminal page

References: Chinese Diabetes Drug Injective Technology Guide (2016 edition), China Diabetes Magazine, 2017, Vol.9, No.2 (79-98).

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