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Insulin therapy should not stop without authorization

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that often needs to be treated, but there are quite a few diabetic patients after long -term drugs or insulin treatment, hoping to heal and relax the medication, especially insulin therapy. Uncle Zhang used to stabilize blood sugar through insulin in the past. Seeing certain glycry insulin written on the newspaper may be related to tumor risk. In addition, blood sugar control is good. Suddenly fainted after dinner, and after being taken to the hospital, he found that blood sugar reached 24mmol/L.

Insulin treatment is important

It is not advisable to stop the medicine without authorization

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Recently, the Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch and the Chinese Medical Association Endocrinology Branch jointly issued the “Joint Statement of the Relationship between Insulin Therapy and Cancer” and proposed that there is still no clear evidence that the risk of adequate insulin and tumors in diabetic patients still has no clear evidence. Essence Gambi insulin is still one of the drugs for drug supervision departments and authoritative academic organizations in various countries. Before obtaining clear suggestions from authoritative academic organizations, national drug supervision departments, and doctors, diabetic patients should not suspend any type of insulin treatment without authorization. The “Statement” stated that a recently announced epidemiological study in Sweden reminds that the risk of breast cancer in patients with diabetes with glycosylin insulin has increased, but the number of patients with breast cancer in this study is too small, and it cannot be related to it. Any association between breast cancer risks, the result is not of the significance of guiding clinical medication. The “Statement” recommends that when diabetic patients need to control blood sugar, they can still choose glycines insulin according to the relevant guidelines and consensus issued by the two academic branches. Except for adjusting the treatment plan, patients with glycosang insulin control blood glucose are currently using glycry insulin to control blood sugar. If patients have questions about the treatment plan, they should consult a doctor.

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