Introduce 4 common Chinese medicine weight loss pills

Weight loss pills are something that people can’t be familiar with, but are you familiar with Chinese medicine weight loss pills? Some Chinese herbal medicines also have the effect of weight loss, but when used, they must be prescribed for the right medicine. According to the specific circumstances, the effects of people in different systems are not exactly the same. Here are 4 common Chinese medicine weight loss pills.


Principles of weight loss: Knowing that Shouwu is the first choice of Chinese herbal medicine, but in fact, Shouwu also has a good function of reducing fat reduction. Shouwu tastes bitter, warm, and returns to liver and kidney. It has the function of moisturizing and detoxifying, which can promote intestinal motility and excrete the intestinal waste, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, and prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the liver.

Suitable for the crowd: Shouwu, as a Chinese medicine weight loss medicine, is most suitable for obese people with constipation. Because the stool is often accumulated in the body, the metabolic pathway of the gastrointestinal tract is often blocked, and the weight -loss area in your body is how to reduce the big belly that cannot be reduced. Especially the lower abdomen, even if it doesn’t eat much, it is swollen.


The principle of weight loss: Bupleurum is bitter, slightly cold, and enters the liver and kidney. Chaihu’s unique saponin component has a lipid -lowering effect.

Suitable for the crowd: Is your temper good? If you are a fat -tempered MM, let’s soak in Bupleurum to drink. Because the liver is an important organ that regulates fat metabolism, emotional instability will affect the imbalance of the liver operation and cause obesity. Nowadays, women are under pressure, emotional unstable, hungry and full, often overeating, and weighing the most likely to become a victim. Chaihu’s tea can also solve your frequent chest tightness, bloating, emotional undulating, menstrual breast tenderness, irritability and other obesity complications.


The principle of weight loss: honeysuckle is sweet and cold, good at clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing fire, and removing moisture. It is especially suitable for taking it in summer, but it is not suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach.

Suitable for the crowd: Generally speaking, the scope of gold and silver flowers is quite wide, but only one type of people are not suitable. They don’t eat much, but they have a lot of fat. This is the obesity caused by endocrine disorders. If you are like this, it is not suitable for alloy and silver flowers. Generally, this type of obesity is caused by the weakness of the spleen and stomach, so honeysuckle is likely to exacerbate this uncoordinated, aggravate obesity, and let you run counter on the way to losing weight.


The principle of weight loss: Zexie is sweet, cold, and has the effects of moisture and humidity and heat. The reason why it has fat reduction is to use it to eliminate body edema and speed up metabolism.

Suitable for the crowd: Many obese people have this feeling: From the upper body, they will never belong to a fat person, but as long as you look down, you can see the frustrated calf legs and small feet. For this kind of obesity of the lower body, Zexie is the best weight loss partner. However, it should be noted that every time you take Zezawa Meloma tea, do not have too much amount, otherwise the cold -seductive diarrhea will make your stomach unbearable.

Editor’s reminder: Although these Chinese medicine weight loss pills have the effect of weight loss, not all people are suitable for use. Therefore, before use, you must understand whether it is suitable for you.

(Editor in charge: Xu Beibei Intern Editor: Lingling Ping)

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