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Irregular diet of men induced infertility

1. Excess or lack of nutrition

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Nutritional factors are closely related to fertility. This has been confirmed by scientific research. Insufficient nutritional or excess nutrition can lead to the occurrence of male infertility. Animal experiments show that malnutrition can reduce the amount of semen and semen candy content of animals, and severe nutritional deficiency can cause sperm -generating disorders. In today’s relatively abundant food, the cause of malnutrition is mainly to choose food and partial food except for diseases.营养不良者常存在不同程度的氨基酸、维生素、微量元素缺乏,而精子的产生、成熟及活动能力等,与氨基酸、维生素A、维生素B、维生素C、维生素E和微量元素锌、钙、铁、 Selenium is closely related. For example, if these substances are lacking in diet, sperm production can be reduced, sperm vitality decreases and causes infertility. Excess nutrition can also lead to male infertility. This potential danger often begins with teenagers. Excessive nutritional nutrients in teenagers can cause obesity. Fat deposition causes pituitary lobe fat, resulting in loss of pituitary function. Decreased, thus reduction of testicles and peniles, etc., and the possibility of infertility after adulthood is very high.

Second, long -term partial eclipse

Long -term food, such as cottonseed oil, celery, etc., can cause sperm quantity and quality to decline and induce infertility. Among them, consumption of cottonseed oil caused by infertility and infertility has been confirmed by clinical and experimental research, so it should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, shark fins have always been regarded by the Chinese as delicious dishes and nourishing products, and many white -collar classes are even more affectionate about it. However, a study from the University of Hong Kong shows that due to the high mercury content in shark fins, it can lead to male infertility. The reason why seafood contains mercury is related to marine pollution and sharks are at the top of the marine food chain. A large amount of pollution toxins are often accumulated in the body. In addition, the growth period of sharks is longer than ordinary fish, so it is longer than other fish. Time absorption and accumulation of toxic substances. Therefore, friends who are eater with fishy fins should also be appropriate.

Third, long -term consumption pollution food

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Long -term consumption of food contaminated by chemical preparations is an important factor that causes reduction of male fertility. Experts from the British Government Medical Science Council found that the decrease in male sperm in the past ten years is related to the reduction of testicular phenols, butadylbenzoic acid fats, etc. Essence These chemicals have estrogen effects and can inhibit the development of testicles and sperm formation. In addition, if you eat chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungal drugs or fungal drugs or copper, manganese, aluminum, cadmium, lead and other heavy metal pollutant foods can also affect the production and development of sperm, which will lead to infertility.

It can be seen that if you want to have a healthy baby, men must control their mouths. First of all, eat less or not eat foods that are not conducive to reproductive health. Secondly, you should also correct the habit of partial eclipse to achieve dietary balance, ensure sufficient vitamins and trace elements, and must correct the two extremes of insufficient nutrition and excess.

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