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Is Bo Ziying’s treatment of nails reliable?

Is Bo Ziying’s treatment of nails reliable?

Some patients’ private messages: Dandelion is a Chinese medicine, and it is also a good player for anti -inflammatory and detoxification. Can I use dandelion water to drink water every day, can I treat the nodules of thyroid gland? It is not completely unreasonable for patients. Dandelion does belong to Chinese medicine and can be cleared.

However, the possibility is actually very small to use dandelion to cure thyroid nodules, because whether it is in the laboratory or clinically, the dandelion single -flavored Chinese medicine therapy therapy thyroid nodules, thyroid tumors, thyroid cancer or other cancers.

Edible dandelion therapy treatment of thyroid tumors may come from the effect of “swelling and dispersion” from dandelion.In fact, whether it is a benign thyroid nodule or a malignant thyroid tumor, it is dandelion.

However, the possibility of treating thyroid nodules with dandelion is relatively small, unless patients have armal poison in clinical practice.Liu Guangzhen further explained that as for the treatment of cancer such as thyroid cancer with dandelion, there are references to dandelion.

Dandelion soaked water can dissipate nodules. It is not completely unreasonable. After all, dandelion is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and dispersion nodules, but even so, it cannot replace professional treatment methods to cure thyroid nodules.

Although dandelion can help swelling and disperse, it is not enough to completely treat thyroid diseases, and there is no scientific basis.For most patients with thyroid nodules, it is also due to the unreasonable intake of iodine.

Indeed, traditional Chinese medicine has a record of treating thyroid disease, and the effect is very good.But I want to tell you that the occurrence of thyroid nodules is actually very complicated, and everyone’s cause, pathogenesis, physique, and living habits.

If he really thinks that eating dandelion can cure thyroid cancer, then how to pay so much effort to go to the hospital to use other people’s medical insurance cards and hope to get a regular treatment of the hospital? Analyze this plot, we also know that in the script.

Recently, the author has also received a answer from a patient with thyroid nodules: Can drinking dandelion water drinking the nodules in the thyroid nodule? My reply is: No, I suggest that she actively cooperates with the doctor’s drug treatment, every dayCan you be less.

In addition, the statement of dandelion therapy therapy of nodular gland, the dean of the Shandong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: According to clinical research and related laboratory studies, it is found that dandelion can clear heat, detoxify, and scattered.

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