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Is breast cancer nipple cancer serious?

Breomed carcinoma nipple cancer refers to papillary breast cancer. Whether papillary breast cancer is seriously judged according to specific circumstances.Popular breast cancer is a pathological type of breast cancer. It cannot be determined according to the papillary shape, and it is necessary to judge whether it is serious according to breast cancer.If the patient’s symptoms are not obvious and belong to the early stage of the disease, surgery can be performed in time, and the prognosis is better. At this time, it is not serious.However, if the patient’s condition is more serious and the symptoms are obvious, after surgery, it is necessary to cooperate with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or endocrine therapy. At this time, the cure effect can not be achieved through the above treatment, it is more serious.

Patients with papillary breast cancer need to be treated according to the treatment of breast cancer. During the treatment, patients need to pay attention to the light diet and reasonable matching.Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.However, it is necessary to avoid using high hormone drugs, cosmetics, etc., so as to prevent the disease aggravated. In life, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue, avoid heavy physical strength, and avoid the use of heavy objects.For example, slow walking, fast walking, or playing Taiji can improve autoimmunity and enhance disease resistance.

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