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Is congenital ovarian development premature failure?

Congenital ovarian development may cause premature ovarian failure.

Premature ovarian failure may be caused by genetic, bad living habits, autoimmune diseases, and medical damage.1. Inheritance.Premature ovarian failure may be related to congenital genetic.For example, patients with X chromosome abnormalities can be seen in patients with congenital ovarian dysplasia and crispy X chromosome syndrome, causing early ovarian function to decline.2. Bad life habits.Women have long -term adverse living habits such as smoking, drinking, and staying up late, affecting the normal ovarian function and leading to premature ovarian failure.3. Autoimmune disease.Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus may lead to endocrine disorders themselves.For example, long -term use of hormones and immunosuppressants may cause premature ovarian failure.4. Medical damage.Some tumor patients need radiotherapy and chemotherapy, such as long -term cyclopensicide inhibiting ovarian function, leading to premature ovarian failure.

Suggestions: There are many reasons for premature ovarian failure.If there are abnormalities, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to improve the relevant examinations, to find out the cause under the guidance of a professional doctor, and actively treat it.

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