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Is eating watermelon raising blood sugar or lowering blood sugar?Can diabetic patients eat watermelon?The truth is here

“You eat less watermelon, watermelon raises blood sugar, and be careful of diabetes to come to the door. Pharaoh next door eats it into the hospital.” Aunt Li hurriedly snatched the watermelon in Uncle Zhang’s hand.

The 50 -year -old Pharaoh was originally a sports teacher in middle school. The physical fitness is better than ordinary people. It is also a sports school in the community. Drinking a cup of honey water, the body happened over time.


Pharaoh found that he became frequent and very thirsty, but it was useless to drink water. Until a motion was dizzy, Pharaoh hurried to the hospital and found that his blood glucose index had reached 23.9, three times higher than ordinary people, and diagnosed acute diabetes.

Uncle Zhang has always been unstable blood sugar. Since knowing that Pharaoh enters the hospital, Aunt Li will never let Zhang Shu touching watermelon again. However, Uncle Zhang believes that fruit has little effect on blood sugar. Aunt Li did not do so well, and the two argued for this.

Is Pharaoh’s diabetes and watermelon? Can diabetic patients eat fruits?

1. “Sugar Friends” eat fruits, look at these 3 indicators

Delicious fruits have always been an important channel for people to obtain nutrition, and they are also necessary snacks for daily leisure. Many people like to eat fruits, but the sugar content of fruits is also worried about the threat of blood sugar, especially diabetic patients. Diabetes patients want to eat fruit safely, pay attention to 3 indicators.

1. Blood glucose generation index

The glycemic index GI refers to the gap between the elevated speed of the human blood sugar and the glucose. The higher the value, the greater the effect of the food on the blood sugar compared with the glucose.

The blood glucose generation index of watermelon, rice noodles, steamed buns, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and other foods is very high, so sugar friends should be vigilant about these foods.

2. Blood glucose generation load

Blood glucose -generating load GL is a value obtained by using carbohydrates contained in food and index of blood sugar production index. It can reflect the time and amplitude of food effect on blood sugar. Essence

3. sugar content

The sugar content is the total amount of sugar contained in each 100 grams of fruits. For example, the sugar content of watermelon is 5%. Patients with diabetes are best to avoid eating high sugar fruits, such as: persimmons, cantaloupe, sugar cane, yellow peach, apple, grapes, and so on.

Second, can the diabetic patients eat watermelon?

There are rumors that the watermelon is too sweet because it is too sweet to eat too much sugar, especially if you eat diabetic patients, it is fatal, so sugar friends must not eat watermelon. This statement is actually unscientific.

First of all, watermelon is indeed sweet fruits. The sugar it contains is mainly glucose and sucrose. It does not contain fructose and is more likely to be digested and absorbed by the human body. Therefore, the sweetness is higher after eating.

However, 90-95%of watermelon is water, and the sugar content accounts for only 5%, which is low sugar fruit.

And judging the effects of fruit on blood sugar, mainly depending on the blood sugar generation index and blood sugar generation load. The GI of watermelon is 72, which means that eating watermelon can really cause blood sugar to change quickly. The amplitude will not be too high.

Dr. Gong Xionghui, Department of Endocrine Department of Shougang Hospital of Peking University explained: From the perspective of multiple factors such as the sugar content, sugar components, blood sugar production index, and blood sugar production load, diabetic patients can be eaten, but pay attention to not overdose.

The Nutrition Society recommends that patients with diabetes are controlled within 200 grams per day, about 1-2 tablets of watermelon. It is best to eat it in a state where your blood glucose control is better.

Gong Xionghui warned: When diabetic patients have a serious insulin in the body, they cannot use glucose function to use fat. This process will produce substances such as acetone, acetyl, and β-hydroxyl acid. The concentration will change the pH value of the human body, leading to keto acid poisoning.

Early symptoms such as thirst, fatigue, drinking, multi -urine, nausea, loss of appetite will occur in the early days. A few patients are accompanied by abdominal pain, which will cause drowsiness, headache, exhalation of rotten apples and unstable breathing. Even coma or death.

Third, people with diabetes eat watermelon correctly, pay attention to 4 o’clock

The diet of diabetic patients is extremely important for blood glucose control. Although the rumors of watermelon can not be eaten, how to eat everyday is a problem. Master 4 o’clock, sugar friends can also eat melon easily.

1. Eat between two meals to reduce staple food

Diabetes patients eat watermelon at 10-11 am, 3-4 pm, because it can be used to adjust the dinner according to the amount of watermelon consumption to offset the effect of the body’s ingestion of sugar. Conversely, consumption before or after meals can easily cause blood sugar fluctuations, which may cause disease.

2. Cut into small pieces to eat

Divide watermelons into small pieces, which is conducive to controlling appetite. A small amount of consumption is convenient to refrigerate other parts. This can control a single intake and avoid eating too much blood sugar in one breath.

3. Lian Bai Yan to eat together

Watermelon’s white ravioli is rich in dietary fiber. Although it tastes such as watermelon core, it is conducive to controlling blood sugar, and it can also increase satiety and reduce the amount of watermelon core.

4. Don’t eat frozen watermelon

Frozen watermelon is likely to stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines, cause symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and indigestion, and the cut watermelon is easy to breed bacteria after freezing. Diabetes patients are still a small amount of fresh watermelon. Reminder: Diabetes patients themselves have unstable blood sugar or recurred during the condition of changes in the condition. It is best not to eat watermelon, let alone eat fruit and other foods with high sugar content. Blood glucose stability indicator: below 7mmol/L of an empty stomach, less than 10 mmol/L of 2 hours after meal, and 7.5%of glycated hemoglobin.

Fourth, though watermelon is good, try to eat less or not as much as possible

Some people tease that summer without watermelon is incomplete. Watermelon is indeed a summer shelter in summer, which brings a lot of happiness to people, but not everyone can eat it. Three types of people are best not to eat, and to control the amount of food.

1. Elderly

The physical function of the elderly decreases, the digestive system function is weak, and a large amount of watermelon may damage the spleen and stomach, especially the frozen watermelon.

2. Pregnant woman

Women’s insulin in the body may be reduced, which can cause blood sugar instability. Eating too much watermelon can easily lead to exceeding the body in the body and damage the body.

3. Patients with kidney disease

Patients with kidney disease have insufficient renal function, and the metabolic work in the body cannot be treated in time. 95%of watermelon is water, which will increase the burden on the kidneys. Eating too much may increase the condition. Therefore, it is best to eat less.

Whether it is watermelon or fruits. In fact, each food has its own characteristics. Before eating, you must understand these characteristics, combine your physical condition, eat on demand, and do not greedy your appetite, regardless of health.

Remind patients with diabetes again that the fruits are delicious, and they are not as happy as health. Pay attention to monitoring blood sugar changes in life, control fruit intake, and keep healthy while enjoying deliciousness.

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