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Is eczema because of “heavy moisture”?The cause of eczema may be these, don’t ignore it!

Eczema is a skin inflammation reaction, which can be divided into three phases: acute, subacute, and chronic. Eczema can occur in multiple parts of the body, usually pimples, pimples, and small vessels, and often cause severe itching in the affected area.

For the cause of eczema, many people think that it is caused by “heavy moisture” in the body. In fact, eczema is not caused by heavy moisture. The characteristics of seepage “.

The cause of the body may be these reasons, don’t ignore it!

At present, the cause of eczema is not conclusive, and people believe that the occurrence of eczema is the result of the interaction of internal and external interaction. Strict, insomnia, fatigue, emotional anxiety, digestive diseases, living environment, food, climate, cosmetics, etc. are all key factors that induce eczema.

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Internal cause

1. Diseases. It is said that human digestive system diseases have a certain relationship with eczema, and suffering from digestive system diseases may increase the probability of eczema. In addition, if the family has allergic diseases, the allergic genes will also be inherited to the next generation, causing the next generation to cause allergic diseases.

2. Psychological factors. If there is a spiritual phenomenon such as depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, fatigue, emotional excitement, etc., it will also induce eczema.

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