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Is hypertension and kidney disease serious?

Hypertension nephropathy is generally not very serious.

Once anemia occurs in patients with hypertension nephropathy, renal function is usually indicated.In addition to detoxification and urination, the kidneys also have other functions, such as regulating blood pressure, maintaining electrolyte and acid -base balance in the body, and providing red blood cells.When the renal function is moderate or severe, the level of hormone is significantly reduced.At this time, additional red blood cells are needed. According to renal function and anemia, folic acid tablets and iron are selected as a blood supplement material.

It is recommended that patients in order to achieve a low-salt diet, avoid excessive sodium salt, and control them below 6 grams per day.At the same time, pay attention to low -fat and low protein diets to avoid eating spicy, irritating and greasy foods.Such as onions, ginger and garlic, quitting and restricting drinking are also necessary.

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