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Is hypertension caused by blood vessel blockage?

Hypertension is generally not caused by blood vessels.Instead, on the basis of genetic factors, the blood pressure caused by the long -term repeated effects of environmental factors, the environmental factors of high blood pressure include high -salt, high -fat diet, smoking, drinking, and obesity.Frequently staying up late, engaging in high -altitude operations, and great mental stress, these factors are caused by hypertension, but not caused by blood vessels.If the long -term control of hypertension is not good, the incidence of arteriosclerosis will increase and cause coronary heart disease.The further aggravation of cerebral vascular arteriosclerosis may even form thrombosis in the vascular, causing ischemia necrosis of the corresponding organs, including myocardial infarction or cerebral thrombosis.

Most patients with hypertension are caused by bad living habits, such as alcoholism, eating high -salt food, lack of folic acid or excessive obesity, and are also related to family genetics.Under the guidance of a regular hospital doctor, patients with hypertension can take Arclen or Antolol for antihypertensive treatment. Pay attention to eating more foods containing vitamin C in life, such as cabbage, rapeseed, and spinach.liquor.

Hypertension requires controlling total heat intake and weight, reducing sodium intake to supplement calcium and potassium, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Hypertension needs to use different drugs according to different reasons. Diuretics are commonly used drugs for the treatment of hypertension. Representative drugs mainly include rapid urine, screw and hydrochlorozine.Among the β -blockers, more common representative drugs are more than Lek, Bosolol, etc., and calcium channel antagonists represented by ammlloral flats and equal drugs can expand blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.Vascular tensional converter enzyme inhibitors include representative drugs include Eina, Katapi, and Beninubi, and vascular tension II receptor impedance. Representative drugSatan and other.

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