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Is it a panic to check the illness?Don’t worry, don’t treat these 8 diseases at all!

Many human body inspections are very confident in their bodies. After all, they usually have not seen any chain. However, when they got the medical report, they saw some of the above medical terms, and the whole person began to calm down.

For example, Xiaomei, who had finished the duty medical examination last week, left the hospital in a hurry to get the report on Monday. Before I submitted the report, I found that “sinus arrhythmia is uneven”.Xiaomei scared a cold sweat and called to ask the doctor to know that this was not a serious illness and did not need to be treated. Pay more attention to rest.

In life, there are actually many “scary diseases”.Let me talk about it today.

Is it a panic to check the illness?Don't worry, don't treat these 8 diseases at all!

These 6 kinds of diseases are scary, but not necessarily need to be cured

Chronic superficial gastritis

The incidence is very high, and the detection rate is 80%to 90%. Many times, even if the healthy people are examined in the gastroscopy, the disease can be found.Tao Lin, chief physician of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Disease, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, reminded:

In fact, many chronic superficial gastritis in gastroscopy reports are only functional indigestion or non -ulcerative digestion. It is not that the gastric mucosa really has chronic inflammation. Most people are found out, but they are not uncomfortable.

So don’t worry too much, don’t need special treatment, usually adjust your eating habits, try to achieve a balanced diet, try to be as light as possible on the basis of nutrition, eat less greasy, spicy and stimulating, cold food to relieve the stomachInflammation.However, if stomach pain, indigestion, bloating, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, timely treatment is needed.



Cervical erosion

Seeing the word “erosion”, most people are afraid of it, especially in the private parts, and women who go to the medical examination will be diagnosed with cervical erosion in ten or nine, which makes people very big.

Sun Lifang, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital, reminded: In fact, this erosion is not a true erosion, but it is a manifestation of chronic cervicitis. In order to avoid wrong understanding, it has now been renamed “cervical cylindrical epithelium”.

Therefore, everyone does not need to panic, and there is no need to associate it with cervical cancer. Generally, mild erosion does not require any special treatment, medium and severe erosion may affect normal sexual life and fertility. It can be professional in professionalism.Treatment under the guidance of doctors.Of course, no matter what kind of, pay attention to regular cervical anti -cancer screening every year.

Is it a panic to check the illness?Don't worry, don't treat these 8 diseases at all!

Thyroid nodules

When you hear this name, many people will associate it with thyroid cancer as soon as possible.

Xing Xiaoping, director of the Department of Endocrinology at Beijing Union Hospital, said: It is not necessary because about 85%to 95%of the thyroid nodules clinically are benign and no special treatment is required.

Even thyroid cancer, most of them are very “gentle” and grow very slowly. As long as it is found and treated in time, the cure rate is very high.Therefore, patients with thyroid nodules usually only need to pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, and regularly perform thyroid ultrasound checks. Be wary of mutation to increase.

Premature heartbeat

Many people are more worried about the abnormal heart of the heart because it is one of our very important organs.Among them, premature heart beats, that is, a type of arrhythmia, has a very high number of times.

Liu Deping, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology, Beijing Hospital of the Health and Family Planning Commission, reminded: Palental premature beats can be caused by physiological and pathological factors. If it is checked by the physical examination, it is likely to be related to physiological factors, such as emotional tension, such as emotional tension, such as emotional tension, such as emotionExcessive exercise, overwork, alcoholism, etc., this does not require special treatment, and timely improve the adequate lifestyle.

If the symptoms are obvious, symptoms such as panic, shortness of breath, chest tightness, chest pain, etc., be alert to the pathological factors. At this time, it is recommended to go to a professional hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Is it a panic to check the illness?Don't worry, don't treat these 8 diseases at all!

Osteophygal hyperplasia

Orthodox hyperplasia, many people should have heard of it, it is particularly common in elderly people. Once found, they are very worried.In this regard, Wen Jianmin, director of the orthopedic department of Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said:

In fact, bone hyperplasia is often to adapt to the changes in external forces. The self -protection response generated by human joints and spine produces not necessarily disease, so if there is no pain, joint swelling, can not straighten, bend the limbs and other action dysfunction.No special treatment is required.

Pay attention to maintaining joints and bones, exercise appropriately, do not bear too much weight, avoid excessive bone hyperplasia; if discomfort such as exercise disorders occurs, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time.


Most female friends often see the words “breast hyperplasia” during the physical examination. At this time, they are very scared. They are worried that it will cancer into breast cancer, and then try to treat it.

In this regard, Dr. Chen Jie, a breast surgery at the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, reminds everyone that breast hyperplasia is often a normal physiological phenomenon. It is a benign lesion. The chance of cancer is very low, so don’t worry too much.

Usually try to maintain a pleasant and optimistic mentality, adhere to the right amount of exercise, and eat less hormone -containing foods, which can effectively alleviate breast hyperplasia.Of course, it is best to conduct regular anti -cancer screening.

The incidence of these diseases is very high, so you can pay attention to it, don’t find out, you can panic, which can easily lead to excessive treatment and harm health.In addition, there are some not so common diseases. In fact, there is no terrible imagination. You can learn about it by the way.

Is it a panic to check the illness?Don't worry, don't treat these 8 diseases at all!

The most incidence of prostatitis male urinary systems, but the problem is not large. If there is no obvious symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, it does not require excessive use of antibiotics or intubation treatment, which is prone to infection.

This generally needs to adjust the habits of living, avoid sedentary, participate more in exercise, and eliminate spicy diet, etc., and can be relieved. Usually, you can check it regularly.

Uterine fibroid

This “tumor” is not a “tumor”. It is mostly benign. It is very common among women. It does not need to worry too much after finding, and it can be solved according to the situation.If the area of the tumor is small and there is no uncomfortable symptoms, it can be reviewed regularly. If the diameter of the tumor exceeds 5cm, it is recommended to surgery in time.

Due to the lack of relevant diseases, many people are easily confused when they are found some “small diseases”. They are used for excessive medication and treatment of physiological tables that are not diseases.Good health, I hope that after reading the above introduction, you can avoid “stepping on the pit.”

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