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Is it a prostate puncture a prostate cancer?

Patients with prostate puncture do not necessarily have prostate cancer.

Prostate puncture is a gold standard for diagnosis of prostate cancer.If the result of prostate puncture is prostate cancer, it must be cancer.If the result of prostate puncture is not prostate cancer or cancer.In other words, if the foundation of cancer is found, it is prostate cancer.Just because the foundation of no cancer does not mean that it is not cancer.The diagnosis of prostate cancer requires prostate biopsy.The positive rate of prostate biopsy is usually above 30%.Even with stricter testing centers, the positive rate of prostate puncture is still less than 50%.After three months, a prostate puncture biopsy can be done again.

Pay attention to rest as much as possible to avoid tiredness.Increase drinking water to rinse the urethra and promote metabolism.

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