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Is it always a sign of the advent of lung cancer in the middle of the night?Or related to 3 kinds of lung disease, check as soon as possible

The 48 -year -old Guo Zi is a contractor of a construction company. He has always been very good on weekdays and rarely has a cold and fever.



However, after the spring of this year, Guo Zi kept coughing. At first, he thought it was a spring flu and didn’t care too much.

But one after another one month after one month, the symptoms were not light and anti -heavy.Guo Zi has always believed in Chinese medicine, so he went to the familiar medical hall to catch two medicines.

At first, the cough was a bit relieved. However, a week later, the cough was not disappeared, but even sleeping at night, he would cough, and he coughed out the blood several times.

As a last resort, Guo Zi arrived at a local hospital for treatment. The results of the CT examination showed that Guo Zi’s right lung had a lung, and there were multiple metastasis, which could be diagnosed with lung cancer.

Guo Zi didn’t understand, but it was a long cough. How could he get lung cancer?

1. Is coughing at midnight, is it a sign of lung cancer?

Cough is a very common symptom. When the weather changes or has physical stimulation, it may cause tracheal contraction and cough.

Cough is a protective mechanism of the body. It is a common symptom of respiratory tract caused by bronchial mucosa, bronchial mucosa or pleural, foreign body or physical and chemical factors.

Not all coughs are related to lung cancer, but if it belongs to high -risk people in lung cancer, and chronic coughing for up to 3 months, accompanied by symptoms such as blood with blood, hoarse sound, body weight loss, etc., be alert to lung

In addition to lung tumor disease, cough may also be infected with lungs, such as:

Popular virus infection, pneumonia caused;

The upper airway cough syndrome, such as rhinitis, inflammation of the throat, etc.;

Allergic reactions, dry cough caused by allergic substances, etc.

Second, 4 kinds of discomfort occur during sleep, be alert to the coming of lung cancer

High incidence of lung cancer, but many people often do not pay attention to signs, which leads to missed early discovery and seriously affect the prognosis of patients with lung cancer.Therefore, when sleeping, these discomforts should be paid.

1. Dry cough

Cough is a typical manifestation of lung cancer. Cough caused by lung cancer is mostly dry cough. Although some patients have sputum, the amount of sputum is small.The dry cough of patients with lung cancer is mostly sustainable, and there are symptoms of aggravating at night, which can even affect sleep in the middle and late stages.

2. Body fever

Cancer cells need to continuously absorb the nutrition of the human body for reproduction. When the human nutritional supply should not be required, cancer cells will cause insufficient blood supply to be necrotic, which will cause inflammation and fever of the body.

During the daytime activity, the symptoms of fever are not favored. When it is in a non -active state at night, the fever will easily be perceived by the body, and many patients will wake up due to overheating in the body.

3. Poor breathing

When lung cancer directly invades the trachea, it can cause poor breathing.Especially at night cancer cells are active, causing a large amount of air to not enter the lungs. Patients will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath in their sleep, and wake up in the middle of the night.

4. Pain on the chest and back

Lung cancer is that lung cancer can invade adjacent pleural and chest walls. The nerves of these two parts can cause sharpness and disconnected pleura pain after being damaged.

If you go to bed at night, your chest pain is obvious, and you will even wake up due to pain, you must be alert to whether lung cancer is chanting.

Third, lung cancer likes to “entangle” these people, do prevention as soon as possible

High -risk groups of lung cancer are mainly elderly, men, and smokers. With the discovery of research, women and people who do not smoke (excessive pressure and passive smoking) have also become high -risk groups of lung cancer.

How to do a good job in life?

Periodic inspection

Lung cancer is closely related to the living environment. It is recommended that ordinary people do a low -dose spiral CT at the age of 40. If abnormalities are found, they should be followed up on a regular basis.

Quit smoking

Smoking is the first high -risk factor in the onset of lung cancer. In addition to active smoking, passive smokers will also face the risk of lung cancer.

wear mask

When air pollution is severe, try to reduce the door as much as possible. If necessary, you should wear a mask to avoid direct exposure to the dangerous environment.

Actively treat lung disease

For chronic cough, people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should actively receive treatment and regularly re -examination to prevent the development of the disease from the trend of cancer.

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle can help improve physical immunity and help prevent cancer.You must correct bad living habits in your daily life, pay attention to diet, exercise regularly, and let your body have enough “confidence” to fight the disease.

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