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Is it bad to “fart” often?Reminder: 2 kinds of stinky farts, alert or “signal” of the disease

The most embarrassing thing in the world is in a quiet, crowded, and closed environment, and you put a fart; the more embarrassing thing is that you are calm and want to pretend that nothing happens, but the air is permeated in the air. The unspeakable taste is long for a long time …

Xiao Zhang has recently experienced such embarrassment many times. I don’t know what happened recently. He often can’t control fart.

Whether in the elevator, the subway or in the conference room, he once “died” because of farting, and every time he put the fart was stinky and loud, not even installed. Everyone could always be accurate. It was him to find the “source”.

For this reason, Xiao Zhang felt very distressed. He talked about this when he was eating with friends a day. My friend told him that it might be a manifestation of a bad liver.

But Xiao Zhang felt that his friend was nonsense. How could farting relationship with the liver? Before understanding this question, we first know why people fart.


1. Why do people fart?

Farting is actually a normal manifestation of our intestinal operation, which can be said to be as important as breathing.

When people consume food, the food will be mixed with saliva, gastric juice, and pancreatic liquid bile. After entering the intestine, these foods will continue to decompose under the action of the intestinal microorganisms, and gas will produce gas during this process. And with the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, the anus is eliminated from the anus.

The main ingredients in the fart are nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. The smell is mainly caused by sulfides and methane. For a group, a person has to put an average of 14 farts per day, and the exhaust volume can reach up to 2L.

2. Is it bad to “fart” often? Reminder: Fart more, or related to 5 reasons

Some people say that love to fart is a manifestation of bad liver. Some experts actually investigated this, and found that often farting is not necessarily a manifestation of bad liver, but about 80 % of the people with bad liver have increased fart volume.

In addition to liver problems, often farting may be caused by these factors:

Gastrointestinal dynamic dysfunction: people suffering from gastroenteritis, colonitis and other intestinal diseases will not be digested and absorbed in time after food residues enter the intestine. These foods will produce a lot of unpleasant gases in the body. The squeezing and exclusion of the road can cause an increase in farting, and the taste is very unpleasant.

Bacterial imbalance: Some people have imbalanced in the fungus in the intestine, and the food of foods can easily produce a large amount of gas, which causes an increase in farting.

Excessive habitual swallowing movements: When eating, if you swallow or swallow or swallow too much, it is easy to cause a large amount of air to enter the body, and then the number of farts will become more.

Sensitive to gluten: Some people’s bodies are difficult to digest in wheat, barley, and oats and other gluten foods, and they are also likely to cause increasing exhaust.

Endocrine changes: Women are in menopausal or endocrine imbalances, and the movement of the gastrointestinal tract will also slow down, which will easily lead to increased exhaust capacity.


Third, the fart is not smelly, does not sound the fart, is it true?

I believe that everyone has heard this statement, and they have been verified when they live in. When they sound fart, there is really no taste. Why is this?

This is because the components of the two farts are different. The ingredients contained in the fart are mostly carbon dioxide and will walk quickly in the intestine.

Among them, mixed hydrogen sulfide and other unpleasant scent are less ingredients, so there will be no big smell. However, because it generates faster and more, it will suddenly break through the anus when it is discharged, and there will be a loud noise.

And the smelly fart belongs to the gas walking slowly in the intestine. The slower the gases that are walking, the more unpleasant substances. In addition, there are fewer such gases, so there will be no obvious movement when breaking through the anus.

But there are also some people in life like Xiao Zhang.

In this case, most of them will appear on people who consume a large amount of meat, egg milk and fried products. After entering the body, these foods are relatively difficult to digest, and it is easy to stay in the intestine for a long time. Equipment and other ingredients make the fart very unpleasant.

When eating a lot of foods that are easy to produce, they are easy to produce stinky and loud farts when they inhale a lot of fresh air.

It is worth reminding that if you do n’t eat a large amount of gas -producing food in daily life, but you have a stinky fart, you need to be alert to a disease signal.

1. Momed fart

Most of these farts are caused by intestinal function problems. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time.

2. Fart with fishy smell

The fart with fishy smell needs to be alert to the abnormal flavor caused by the abnormal bleeding and other factors such as gastrointestinal bleeding, malignant tumor bleeding, and erosion.


Fourth, extension: Where did the fart go? is it harmful for body?

Many people choose to hold themselves when they are afraid of farting, and they feel that they will choose when they come. Where do these holding farts go?

If you don’t let it go, these gas will accumulate in the intestine, which may cause symptoms of abdominal distension and abdominal pain. After that, these gases will flow around the body, and some will enter the whole body cycle as the blood, or some will be absorbed by the body as the lungs breathe out of the body. There may be some harmful substances in our fart, which may cause the intestinal health to stay in the intestine for a long time, so it is better to let it go when you encounter a fart.

Farting is a normal physiological reaction that we will appear in our body, but if we find that our fart is abnormal under the exclusion of physiological and food, we must be vigilant in time, which may be a disease signal.

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