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Is it difficult for a box to find a antigen kit after unblocking?

Is it difficult to find a antigen kit after unblocking?On December 1, after the interim control zone of the epidemic prevention and control of the epidemic was lifted, the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission mentioned that different people adopted different nucleic acid testing strategies and encouraged their families to bring their own antigen kits.Subsequently, some communities began a group purchase antigen kit, and the antigen test reagents of many pharmacies in Guangzhou were out of stock.So, is it difficult to find a antigen kit after unblocking?Let’s take a look at the introduction below.

Is it difficult for a box to find a antigen kit after unblocking?

After unblocking, it is difficult to find the antigen kit, and the general population does not need to do the antigen every day.In March of this year, the “New Coronal Virus Antigen Detection Application Scheme (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) was promulgated to open antigen detection for three types of personnel as supplementary methods for nucleic acid detection.Among them, patients who go to the grass -roots medical institutions, patients with symptoms such as respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms within 5 days, and residents who have the needs of antigen self -examination in order to detect and isolate early.However, the “Plan” mainly conducts antigen tests for patients with professional medical institutions and test personnel, and emphasizes the preferred nucleic acid testing.

Many experts believe that for most ordinary people, antigen detection is not needed every day.Antigen detection is mainly used for high -risk population screening.Experts introduced that in Hong Kong, two types of people need to conduct continuous antigen detection, high risk and specific groups.High -risk people include the elderly and employees of the nursing home, the medical staff, and the staff on the front line of quarantine such as quarantine hotels, airport employees, etc.Specific groups are dynamically adjusted according to high -risk points involved in positive patients. For example, people who stay at places related to positive patients for more than two hours, or sewage sample detection of people with high virus volume is dependent.

Is it difficult to find a antigen kit after unblocking?The first wave is the mask, the second wave is vaccination, the third wave is the nanothaler of the people, and the other wave is the antigen kit, and then the wave is the pharmaceutical section. This is also normal.What we answered, what we came from elementary school is to obey the teacher’s elders, and we will not be wrong. Everything is pursuing standard answers. The only thing that has not learned is independent thinking.

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