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Is it easy to bite hard to get dentalitis?

Experts said that some people are used to bite hard things with their teeth, but after many years, they often do not often hurt, and they are terrible, and sometimes they have a sudden pain. During the doctor’s examination, no caries were found, but it would be found that there was a fine crack on the combination of the teeth, and it was not completely cracking. Medically, it is called tooth fracture, also known as teeth. When hot and cold foods are stimulated to the pulp through this slightly cracking, hot and cold pain occurs, and even the pulp infection causes pulpitis.

In this case, you can only drill a cavity for the pulp treatment. After filling, it can be filled, and after filling, and making a crown, protecting slightly cracking teeth, so that it will no longer deepen and increase cracks. If the treatment of pulpitis is not thorough, it will cause more severe diseases such as pulp degeneration and necrosis. In addition, in order to prevent teeth, especially the elderly, don’t bite hard.

In addition, there are two situations that may also need to be treated with pulp.

First, some people have cold and painful pain and pain, but do not know which toothache. The teeth of these people may not have caries, but there may already be a small hole in the center of the tooth, and it can lead to the pulp, which can cause pulp infection. As long as the pulp treatment is performed and then filled, the symptoms will be eliminated.

Another situation is that when some people are too fatigue, or poor sleep, or a cold, or have poor physical condition, sometimes they suddenly feel teeth pain, and they are passing away, but their teeth do not have any lesions. This kind of toothache is actually fatigue, poor physical condition, etc. It affects the teeth, causing dental hyperemia, or neuroma spasm to cause the teeth to cause pain. If there are loaned caries that have been filled in the mouth, or have chronic inflammatory diseases, it is more prone to teeth as soon as they are too much pain.

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