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Is it good or bad for living cohabitation before marriage. Who is suffering from men and women?After reading it, I have the answer

With the improvement of social living standards, people’s ideas have become more and more open. Many young couples will choose the way they live together to further deepen each other’s feelings. However, most of the elders are opposed to this line. Not only that, for many young people, cohabitation is also a controversial thing.

Do women mind the other half have a history of cohabitation?

Xiaoli has been with her boyfriend for two years, and her relationship has always been very stable, but only Xiao Li knows that she still minds her boyfriend still kept the position of her predecessor. Live, how should he make him forget that woman?

It turns out that Xiaoli’s boyfriend has talked about a period of love before, and has lived with that girl for half a year. Many of her boyfriend’s living habits are “tuned” by the girl. Squeeze from behind, like to watch anime while eating.

Every time Xiaoli thinks of her boyfriend so happy with another girl, she is particularly not tasteful in her heart, which is also a thorn in her heart.

Is it good or bad for living cohabitation before marriage. Who is suffering from men and women?After reading it, I have the answer

Speaking of the other half, the other half had a cohabitation history, Ms. Xu even threw a word directly: “What is the difference between people who have lived in the same history?”

Ms. Xu is a person who treats her feelings very seriously. Because she is still single at the age of 30, she arranged for a few blind date at home. A few days ago, the aunt next door introduced her a “high -quality male who had a car and a car and a successful career. “Ms. Xu holds a little hope to go to the appointment.

The atmosphere of the whole process was also very harmonious, but when Ms. Xu heard that the blind date had lived with her predecessor for a while, she immediately found an excuse to end the date.

After returning home, Ms. Xu talked with the younger sisters, “Doesn’t living mean marriage preparations? Since they have already lived together, it is equivalent to getting married once, so she does not want to be a picker.”

In fact, there are really many people like Ms. Xu. In our country, there are still many phenomena of non -registered marriage, and in the eyes of many people, cohabitation and non -registered marriage are not substantial.

Sun Xianzhong, a member of the National People’s Congress Constitution and Legal Committee, said that there are still differences between non -registered marriage and cohabitation. Some husbands and wives may have already had a banquet, but they have not registered. However, each other thinks that this is marriage, and friends and relatives around them also recognize their marriage. This stable relationship should be called non -registered marriage, which is different from simple cohabitation.

Of course, there are also girls who have no choice but to have the history of cohabitation. The 22 -year -old Yuan Yuan believes that everyone has the past. Although she is her first love, she is not the first love of her boyfriend, but she feels that his past is too late to participate, and he must be accompanied by herself in the future.


Is it good or bad for living cohabitation before marriage. Who is suffering from men and women?After reading it, I have the answer

Yuan Yuan and her boyfriend met at a friend’s party. At that time, her boyfriend was not single, and Yuan Yuan did not have a special favor about him. Later, he had a problem with his former relationship, and finally broke up, and Yuan Yuan had always accompanied him to walk through difficult days.

Soon after, the boy confess to Yuanyuan, and they were together. Many people around them are not optimistic about them, but Yuan Yuan feels that cohabitation cannot represent anything. People should look forward, not always look back. Today, Yuan Yuan is preparing for the wedding with her boyfriend.

Regarding the other half of the history of cohabitation, girls have different views between girls, so what do boys do?

Do men mind living before marriage?

Most boys mind, Mr. Liu said, “I would rather marry a woman who had been married and did not want to marry a girl who lived with her predecessors.” He felt that living with her predecessor and breaking up means that she fell in love with others and may also live again, which shows that the history of the girl love is more complicated.

Mr. Zhang believes that if he has no choice or really loves that girl, he will choose to marry a girl with a cohabitation history, and the other half has lived with others before and will also become his heart knot in his life.

What attitude should we hold for cohabitation before marriage?

Is it good or bad for living cohabitation before marriage. Who is suffering from men and women?After reading it, I have the answer

Is it good or bad?

As the public is open to emotions, many couples will cohabitation before marriage. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages before marriage, and the impact on both men and women is different.

First of all, as far as the benefits of living together before marriage, girls can learn more about the other half during this time, and how much differences between each other, such as a clean love, one more sloppy, one likes to go to bed early, and another One often stays up late, and these living habits can be understood in advance to avoid conflicts after marriage.

For boys, when they can live together, they can truly understand her girlfriend. They know that she also has a small temper and she will sleep lazily. It is not the goddess in front of outsiders. Can play a role in promoting.

However, there are certain disadvantages of cohabitation before marriage. Especially after living together, it is easy to affect a new relationship, and before marriage cohabitation, for girls, they may also bear the risk and psychological burden of unmarried first pregnancy.

In addition, the life of cohabitation is similar to life after marriage. It cannot avoid the troubles of chai oil and salt. It needs to learn to include and run in each other. However, the feelings of many couples will be dispelled by some trivial things in life. Of course, whether to live before marriage depends on the feelings of the two sides. If you want to make a cohabitation a prelude to marriage, then enter the running -in period in advance, understand each other in -depth understanding of each other, can promote the heating up, and eventually go to the marriage hall.

Is it good or bad for living cohabitation before marriage. Who is suffering from men and women?After reading it, I have the answer

However, before cohabitation, it is best to “three chapters of the law” and inform the other party in advance in advance. This can avoid the situation where cohabitation affects feelings.

There are two sides of everything, and so is the same before marriage. We don’t have to wear colored glasses to treat boys or girls who have the history of cohabitation. If you ca n’t accept it, you may wish to communicate frankly, accomplish each other, and wait for the next suitable person.

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