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Is it good or bad for the old smokers to quit smoking?Reminder: Don’t be afraid of these symptoms

Pharaoh will have stomach surgery next month. His gastric ulcers have obvious symptoms of bleeding. Only by performing surgery can he control the condition in the shortest time.For this operation, Pharaoh felt that his biggest problem was not to face the fear of surgery, but to quit smoking.

The anesthesiologist told him when he visited the surgery that if he did not quit smoking, the speed of wound healing would be slower.And due to long -term smoking, Pharaoh’s lung tissue has changed slightly. If you do not quit smoking, the risk of infection in the postoperative lungs will increase.

Why doctors ask patients to quit smoking before surgery?

As the anesthesiologist in the previous case, smoking will increase the risk of lung infection during surgery and the difficulty of wound healing after surgery. Therefore, the doctor will ask patients to quit smoking before surgery.

Smoking means that there will be some smoke into the lungs. His harmful substances such as caramel and nicotine in cigarettes will stimulate the inflammation of the lung cells, which weakens the removal function of the respiratory tract and reduces the sensitivity of cough reflection.Increase the chance of lung infection after surgery.

The delay of the postoperative wound is related to the two harmful substances of nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes. The former will stimulate the body to release catecholamine to shrink the blood vessels. The latter will inhibit the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen.heal.

Of course, for many smokers, quitting smoking is not an easy task, especially old smokers, the difficulty of quitting smoking is often greater.In addition to the abstinence of the old smokers to quit smoking, it may be some rumors about quitting smoking.

There is no need to quit smoking, but the quit is shorter?

It is not too late to quit smoking at any time. Old smokers will not be shortened because of quitting smoking.If someone tells you a lot of smokers, but longevity, please refute him directly: This is a fallacy.If the other party asked the reason, then you can explain to him from the following two perspectives:

The first is partial.Smoking longevity is just a case. It is impossible to make a “smoking → longevity” inference, just like a certain example of a certain Peking University graduate who goes to kill pigs cannot get a “study university → useless” inference.

If you put aside the example, you will find that there are far more people who smoke and live and live and live, and more patients with smoking and longevity. Patients with lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases are far higher than those who do not smoke.

The second is the deviation of the survivor.If someone tells you: “I start smoking after I was 18 years old, and now I am 80 years old.” This is possible.But no one will tell you, “I started smoking after I was 18 years old, and then I had to die with lung cancer at the age of 45.”

The information you get comes from individual survivors, and more victims cannot jump out of the grave to tell the truth.

Smoking is one of the factors that affect life, not the only factor, and human life will be affected by many factors such as inheritance, diet, exercise, and mentality.For example, people with good genetic genes, whether smoking or not, often live longer than those who never smoke.

But it is undeniable that many people will have some discomfort after quitting smoking.Xiao Dan, director of the tobacco disease and smoking cessation center, pointed out that this situation is called “quit reaction”.

Because the body of smokers has rely on tobacco in smoking for many years, suddenly quitting smoking will make the body feel uncomfortable, but these discomforts are often a manifestation of the body’s gradually improved.In the different stages of smoking, the human body will have different quit reactions:

At first, it may be a response that I really want to smoke, itching, etc. I am particularly eager for tobacco. After that, there will be a manifestation of restlessness, psychological emptiness, irritability, thirst, fatigue, etc.Essence

But as long as you survive, quitting smoking is successful. At this time, your body and psychology will change:

Physiological: Get rid of the dependence on tobacco, and will no longer have physiological discomfort, such as thirst and fatigue.

Psychologically: I don’t want to smoke, not only when I see cigarettes, but not only indifferent, but also decisively reject cigarettes delivered by others.

Smoking is harmful to health. This is beyond doubt. If you have a quit reaction during the quitting process of smoking, you must firmly believe that you can bear it. As long as you survive, you can harvest a healthier body.If you do not quit smoking, your lungs are likely to have problems.

How long will the lungs turn black after smoking?

After smoking, the human body will gradually change such changes: first, the lung health is damaged, then the teeth become yellow, and oral diseases such as bad breath; then the cleanliness of the blood vessels will be reduced, and the risk of blood vessels will increase;

Later, fertility will decrease, such as the decline in sperm quality and decrease in men’s sperm quality; then there will be problems such as gastrointestinals and diseases such as gastric ulcers. Finally, the skin will become rough, and the elastic loss and aging speed will accelerate.

Of course, the human body does not definitely change in this order. Many changes are actually synchronizing.However, in most cases, once people smoke, the first thing that hurts is the lungs. Not only the lungs are damaged, but the color will become black.

Because cigarettes contain countless particulate matter and dust, and also contain harmful substances such as tar and nicotine, these things will be sucked into the lungs with the smoke, and the lungs will secrete mucus to stick them in order to resist these foreign infringement.

Then it is discharged from the body through the lung cilia, but the harmful substances in it will also damage the lung cilia and reduce its cleanup capacity.Those particles and dust that cannot be cleaned out of the body will gradually accumulate in each smoking, making the lungs slowly black.If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you can harvest a “black lung” in three years. If your constitution is not good, this time may be shorter.

Let’s take a look at the lung comparison chart of this smoking and non -smokers.

Since smoking hurts the lungs, can the health of the lungs recover after quitting?

After quitting smoking, can the dark lungs come back in vain?

After quitting smoking, it is difficult for the lungs to recover as the beginning, because the lungs are part of the human body, the lung function itself will gradually decrease with age.In addition, the damage to lung function of smoking is not all reversed, such as cilia damage, bronchial lesions, alveolar damage, etc. are irreversible.

After quitting, although it is difficult to return to the lungs, the lung function will definitely be better than before quitting, and the earlier the smoking quitting, the greater the possibility of the lung function recovery.Therefore, quit smoking early, don’t be afraid of the quit reaction, smoking really does not make people live longer.

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