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Is it late for liver cancer?In fact, the body gave a hint early, but most people ignored it

On October 28th,#10 10 10 10 10 10 10#This good news appeared on the Weibo hot search list. The incidence of tuberculosis in China was reduced from 634/100,000 in 2015 to 55.6/100,000 in 2019. Cases showed a cliff -type decline, and the infection rate of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in children under 5 years of age also dropped to less than 1%. This great progress was also known as a model of developing countries in developing countries.

As we all know, hepatitis B is the most important factor in liver cancer, and China is a large country of liver cancer. Half of the world’s liver cancer patients in China are in China. The reduction of hepatitis B hats will also play a vital role in the reduction in the incidence of liver cancer.



Is it late for liver cancer?In fact, the body gave a hint early, but most people ignored it

The incidence of liver cancer in China is higher than 0.02%, while the incidence of liver cancer in most regions of foreign countries accounts for about 0.005%. According to the statistics of cancer released by the National Cancer Center in 2019, in the 2015 malignant tumor death rankings, liver cancer is second only to lung cancer.

And China’s new liver cancer patients accounted for half of the world’s new patients with liver cancer. Why does the prevalence of liver cancer in my country be so high?

1. Why do liver cancer “prefer” Chinese?

In fact, the prevalence of liver cancer will be so high, the main reason is that there are many hepatitis B carriers in my country. The hepatitis B virus carriers in the world are about 350 million, my country accounts for more than 90 million, and more than 40 million is infected with hepatitis C Virus.

Most of the patients with liver cancer are transformed by carriers of hepatitis B, so the prevalence of liver cancer becomes a lot with the number of hepatitis B carriers. The number of patients with hepatitis B virus is also related to the late vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine in my country.

In 1992, China began to include hepatitis B vaccine into the planned immunization management, requiring all newborn to vaccinate the hepatitis B vaccine, but the vaccination cost was paid by parents. In 2002, hepatitis B vaccine was officially included in the planned immunization and free vaccine, but also required a little vaccination fee. In 2005, the state officially implemented all free hepatitis B vaccination. Nowadays, with the widespread application of hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis B virus carriers and patients will decline year by year.

Is it late for liver cancer?In fact, the body gave a hint early, but most people ignored it

The Chinese “wine bureau” culture is also a big factor. Many people don’t want to drink, but due to the maintenance of workplace relations, advise and excessive drinking have become the norm.

Studies have shown that excessive drinking can cause alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and drinking has become one of the causes of liver cancer. For a long time, people who drink 50 to 70g of alcoholics are already high -risk groups of liver cancer.

Furthermore, compared with the high incidence rate of liver cancer, the early screening of liver cancer in my country is not ideal. Because of the particularity of liver cancer, it will also cause many patients with liver cancer to be in the first discovery. Late.

Early liver cancer patients have an average survival of more than 5 years, while the average survival time of patients with advanced liver cancer is about 1 year. Why is liver cancer discovery as soon as it is discovered?

Second, the discovery of liver cancer is late. Where is the problem?

In fact, due to the particularity of the liver organs, as long as it has some functions that can be used, it will make every effort to contribute to its own strength to operate, which will cause it to be damaged, which will not cause the human body like other organs to cause the human body A more serious response appeared.

The early symptoms of liver cancer are not obvious, so the feelings of the liver are often ignored. You think it can still operate, and it is “doing” hard. In fact, it has already been “thumbs up” and only a fuse.

Is it late for liver cancer?In fact, the body gave a hint early, but most people ignored it

However, the early symptoms of liver cancer can still be discovered. If you are a group of hepatitis B carriers, hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, long -term alcoholism and other people, we must pay attention to maintaining our liver health, because a large part of liver cancer is caused by the depending on liver cancer. These diseases and habits evolved.

Early symptoms of liver cancer include digestive tract symptoms such as loss of appetite, abdominal distension, nausea, or pain symptoms of liver regions such as right upper or middle and upper abdomen; or fever such as high fever. There are no these early symptoms. So we should prevent it as soon as possible. How should we prevent liver cancer?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid obesity, and avoid drinking, because obesity and drinking can affect the metabolism of liver function, and some bad living habits can also cause liver damage and develop good habits of regular exercise. If you have liver disease, you should do regular re -examination, and you should pay more attention to protecting the liver.

The liver is a “silent” and silent organs, but don’t wait until it is so many hoarsal before regretting your approach to hurt it. You must know the cliff and a good body.


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