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Is it necessary to buy a baby laundry solution?

Since there is a baby, many families have appeared in the daily necessities of “special infants and young children” or “children’s dedicated” products. One of the infants and young children who sell the more popular infants and young children, some parents will even buy imported products. So, what is the difference between baby laundry solution and adult laundry? Is it necessary to choose a baby laundry fluid?

Ingredient comparison: baby laundry liquid PK adult laundry solution

39 Parenting editors randomly checked several infant laundry solution and several adult laundry solution, and found that the ingredients were basically similar, mainly surfactants, and then adding efficient agents, soft agents and spices. However, the careful mother can find that the composition table of most infant laundry liquids is clearer than adult laundry liquid (see Table 1), and even detailed the detailed name of the surfactant, and most adult laundry liquids are usually simply simple List large categories, which also reflects stricter management and professional standards than adult laundry liquids than adult laundry liquids. In addition, we find that adult laundry liquids usually add a decontamina increase or colorful additive that makes clothes look updated, but the baby laundry fluid is not added.

Table 1 Comparison of components of infant laundry solution and adult laundry solution


Infant laundry solution emphasizes acid and alkali

In addition to the ingredient table, infant laundry fluid is stronger than adult laundry solution, which is mainly reflected in the acid and alkali of the laundry fluid. Because human skin is generally weakly acidic, the closer the laundry liquid, the more pH, the less the skin hurts the skin. At present, baby laundry liquids on the market are generally known as neutral or weakly acidic (that is, the pH value is 6-7), but most of the adult laundry fluids do not emphasize this. But then again, it is the parents instead of the baby instead of the baby, and the parents’ hands are also used to wash the clothes. Of course, it can be protected.

Baby laundry liquid mainly uses milk stains and urine stains

Infant laundry liquid generally focuses on removing milk stains, saliva stains, urine stains, food residual stains, etc. Many stubborn dirt. Ordinary adult laundry liquids usually cannot remove these stains well, but the actual use effect How to do a lot of experiments to know.

39 Parenting Editing Opinions

As the so -called “one penny, one penny”, the higher -priced infant laundry liquid is better than adult laundry liquid, especially the health is healthier, but this does not mean that adult laundry solution can be used to clean the baby at all to clean the baby. As long as the clothing, as long as the ingredients are healthy, no residue, and have better pollution ability, it is almost the same.

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