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Is it necessary to vaccine with chickenpox?

Chickenpox is a common infectious disease in children, especially in winter chicken with chicken. Chickenpox is very contagious, and the baby’s resistance is weak. Children are high incidence of chickenpox. In order to prevent chickenpox, many parents want to get chickenpox vaccines for their babies, but they are worried that the vaccine has side effects. Is it necessary for chickenpox vaccine to fight?

Are chicken pox vaccines necessary

This problem is a question that everyone is very concerned about. In fact, the chickenpox vaccine is not necessary to fight, but it is best to be used. It is a self -funded vaccine. Chickenpox vaccine is a virus vaccine with poisoning. After vaccinating the chickenpox vaccine, it can play a good prevention effect. And the protection of chickenpox vaccines can exist for a long time. The United States has included chickenpox vaccines in a regular immunization plan for children.

The vaccination age range is wide, and children from 12 months-12 years old can vaccinate. Even if you do n’t play now, generally when you do n’t go to elementary school, it is recommended that you can do it. The charges are divided into imported and domestically produced. The domestic is cheap, more than one hundred, and imports should be two or three hundred. The chickenpox vaccine is not lifelong, and any vaccine is not lifelong, and it will weaken over time. Moreover, inoculation of chickenpox vaccine cannot completely prevent chickenpox. 25%of children who have received chickenpox vaccine infection are infected, while the infection rate among patients who have not been vaccinated vaccine is as high as 56%, and the infection rate for children in the history of chickenpox infection is only 6%. The preventive efficiency of the immunization of chickenpox vaccine is 56%. However, children who have received immune vaccination are mild, milder fever, and short onset time. Compared with those children who have recently received chickenpox vaccine immunization, the risk of infection of children who have been inocus for more than four years is twice as much as possible. In other words, the role of vaccination will weaken over time.

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