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Is it okay to exercise more?Cell Sub -Illustrated: Excessive exercise damage blood sugar instead!

We all know that sports is beneficial to physical health. For example, exercise increases the oxidation capacity of mitochondria, which can improve glucose regulation and promote our metabolic health. It is the primary treatment of some metabolic diseases.

But many friends have such experience: when they first started exercise, their physical condition became better and better. After practicing for a while, it gradually worsened. Whether it is energy or face, it is not as good as the beginning. In most cases, because nutrition cannot keep up. But there are some situations because of excessive exercise. If you don’t grasp the amount of exercise, it will damage blood sugar!

2021年3月18日,瑞典体育与健康学院Mikael Flockhart等人在Cell Metabolism在线发表了题为 Excessive exercise training causes mitochondrial functional impairment and decreases glucose tolerance in healthy volunteers 的研究论文。

The study allowed the subject to do high -intensity intermittent exercise of 36 minutes, 90 minutes, and 152 minutes during the surrounding time, and the amount of exercise gradually increased, and the fourth week was reduced to 52 minutes. At the same time, they conduct blood glucose monitoring and glucose tolerance tests, and measure mitochondrial respiratory function.

It was found that the first and second weeks were improved; but in the third week of the indicators, the indicators became worse. By the fourth week, although the exercise was reduced, it still could not be restored to the previous state. Not only the mitochondrial function decreases, but also the sugar tolerance is damaged.

Long -term high -intensity exercise has weakened the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, leads to mitochondrial function damage, reduces glucose tolerance in healthy individuals, and produces similar phenotypes of diabetes.

In fact, the experience of many diabetic patients shows that there is such a situation. Because they found that if they did not move step by step, they suddenly increased the amount of exercise, and then the physical condition deteriorated and the blood sugar levels were out of control. Excessive work fatigue will also occur.

We can also understand that the same is true for people who lose weight. Excessive exercise cannot lose weight, but makes the body feel tired, loses muscles, and decreases fat decomposition. Especially in the case of malnutrition, excessive exercise can be said to be a “injury” lifestyle.

Everyone has different physical conditions, different exercise foundations, and different metabolic capabilities. The appropriate amount for others is not equal to you. Therefore, you must obey the voices of the body and adjust it at any time. Do not stick to the various numbers on the sports bracelet. When the state is not good, you will temporarily rest for two days. Don’t want to set a new record every day.

Exercise is for health. Regardless of the excessive exercise of health, in addition to making you feel tired and stressful, it will also effectively damage health. Therefore, exercise must pay attention to gradual steps, and it is subject to fullness in the next day.

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From a health perspective, it does not oppose people’s high -intensity exercise training, because research shows that the mortality rate of elite athletes is lower and life span seems longer than ordinary people. However, people who want to improve their health through exercise should also maintain the exercise volume does not exceed the maximum exercise limit. Carefully monitoring the body’s response to exercise may be more effective.

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