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Is it possible for men to derail?In order to prevent her husband from derailing, the wife put “impotence medicine” in the meal

“Don’t blame me for the family, don’t blame me, continue to give him!”

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“It is about the start of the second week. Now my husband is very good at home and feel that the family is very complete.”

Have you heard of “impotence”? It is not “Viagra”, but a medicine that men can take impotence.

On April 24 this year, an article describing “online stores sells for men’s derailment medicine” has aroused heated discussion among netizens, claiming to put these “impotence medicines” in food It is comparable to the “soul medicine” and allows her husband to go home obediently.

Men are derailed, is there really medicine to cure?

1. What exactly is “impotence”?

The “impotence medicine” on the Internet is actually a kind of estrogen preparation called hebrase estrogen.

As an artificial synthetic agent, it can be used to supplement the estrists in female patients. Such as atrophic vaginitis, feminine adenal dysplasia, menopausal syndrome, and senile vulvar dryness.

In this regard, Dr. Zhou Shaohu, the Department of Reproductive Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: In the early years, urology andrology had used hexhelol to reduce foreskin cycle cutting, penile plastic surgery and other genital organisms. Pain or severe bleeding may occur due to erection.

However, these drugs have poor effects and have obvious side effects, so they are no longer used after some genital organ surgery.

Clinically, hexylophenol has been proven to have the risk of long -term use of cancer that can induce reproductive systems. In 2017, it has also been classified as a list of carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

Obviously, the long -term feeding of this drug is equivalent to “poisoning” his wife to her husband. Her husband has become “impotence”, and “Yangshou” may be in minutes.

However, the merchants sold on the platform said that the medicine “has no side effects”, and women can also “whiten and improve the pleasure” … Xiaojiu can only say that the mouth of the merchant, the deceiving ghost.

Second, do you really have impotence after eating hebrase estradhenol?

Headiene is carcinogenic, so can I really cause impotence after taking hexylopatols?

Professor Zhou Shaohu said: Yes.

When the metharophenol reaches a certain dose, it can affect the regulating effect of the erectile center and sponge body blood vessels. For men, it will cause male erectile dysfunction and unable to raise sexual desire.

And due to estrogen supplements, men may also have some female characteristics: such as pointed sound, increased breasts, and even caused breast cancer.

3. How to judge whether you have a “recruitment”?

Many male friends said, “How do I know whether my wife gave me medicine?” Everyone can judge from the following three aspects:

1. Do you not continue to erection most of the time?

Sometimes, men’s erectiles are not controlled by the brain. They may wake up and find that the following is particularly spiritual. Erection is a normal physiological phenomenon of every man.

A healthy man will erected after sexual stimulation, and the time will last for 3-15 minutes. However, if various stimuli, there is still no movement, or that there is no response for most of the time, it may be impotence.

2. Whether sexual desire becomes weakened and shorter time

Facing the situation that can be erected in the past, if there is no response now, be careful. If the sexual desire is weakened, the erection becomes slow, or the pleasure is reduced, impotence may be relatively large.

3. The disappearance of sexual desire is completely unable to do business at all

The disappearance of sexual desire has no idea about the same room, and there is no response anyway. At this time, 90%is the possibility of impotence.

If these problems occur, do not feel ashamed, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If some patients are not serious, in fact, some diet therapy or physical exercise can help recover. If it is impotence caused by disease, intervene in time to prevent the disease from worsening and affect the whole body.

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