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Is it serious for pediatric acute laryngeal bronchitis?

Whether children’s acute bronchitis cannot be generalized, it is mainly related to the type of pathogenic bacteria, the scope of lesions and the age of children.

1. Pathogenic bacteria: Common pathogenic infections are not serious, and can be improved by using sensitive antibiotics.However, if some pathogenic bacteria with strong resistance are infected, the treatment effect of ordinary antibiotics may be poor, and strong antibiotics need to be used. Even after the drug sensitivity test, you can determine what antibiotics are used, so the situation is serious.2. Scope of lesions: Those with a small range of lesions, severe lesions, severe lesions, and severe lesions can develop into bronchial pneumonia, accompanied by dyspnea, and even endangering life.3. Children’s age: Children are young, and their immunity and resistance will be low. It is more dangerous if treatment is not easy to form pneumonia in time.

Patients need to pay attention to keeping the indoor air fresh and proper ventilation, but avoid streaming winds to prevent children from getting cold again.

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