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Is it serious if there is ascites for ovarian cancer?

The occurrence of ascites in ovarian cancer shows that it is very serious in the late disease.

Patients with advanced ovarian cancer and ascites are one of the most common clinical complications. With the increase of ovarian tumors, tumor compression veins and lymphadenopathy, causing blood and lymph fluid to be blocked and caused ascites.For patients with advanced ovarian cancer, due to the consumption of tumors, the protein content in the body decreases, and hypoproteine lesions are prone to occur, and it is easy to cause ascites.After the late stage, the tumor will infiltrate the abdominal tissue of the basin, which will stimulate the capillaries of the pot abdominal cavity, lead to increased permeability, and cause the liquid to penetrate into the abdominal cavity, which will cause the ascites.If the lesions of ovarian cancer are limited to ovarian or fallopian tubes, cancer cells can be found or did not detect in ascites, which is the first stage of ovarian cancer.In the first stage, it mainly focuses on surgical treatment, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.Do it again according to the pathological staging.If the lesions are not limited to the ovaries and fallopian tubes, but affect the pelvic cavity and have diffusion in the pelvic cavity, the stage is relatively high.More importantly, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and drug treatment.Therefore, there is ascites in the ovaries.Treatment is mainly surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.However, if the staging is early, the treatment effect is better after surgical treatment or chemotherapy.Traditional Chinese medicine can use dialectical treatment to achieve the purpose of conditioning and righteousness, and to correct the purpose of eliminating evil.During the treatment, the doctor will formulate personalized treatment plan according to the individual differences of the patient

It is recommended that patients develop regular schedules, rest more to avoid tiredness.After the condition is stable, patients can perform appropriate physical exercise according to their physical tolerance.Patients may be weak after chemotherapy, and the response is obvious. Family members need to give appropriate accompanying to avoid accidents such as falling.Radiotherapy patients may have local rashes. In daily life, loose clothes should be used to avoid rubbing here to avoid skin lesions.

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