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Is it true that hair dyeing is carcinogenic?Botanical hair dye is better?Keep your hair on 5 o’clock

The 17 -year -old Xiao Ru was a high school student. Out of curiosity, she secretly went to the barber shop to dye her hair while she was afraid that her family would be scolded, so she chose a hair dye that was close to her hair.

Unexpectedly, after a few days later, Xiaoru had a rash all over his body, and his abdomen pain was severe.The family quickly took her to the hospital for examination, and the result was diagnosed as an allergic purpuraphinic nephritis.After understanding the situation of Xiaoru, the doctor said that it was most likely caused by hair dye.In the end, Xiaoru could only shave his hair and then use the corresponding drug to wait for the condition to improve before his hair grows again.

1. Is the truth or rumor of hair dyeing?

Today, dyeing hair has become a fashion trend. Many young people have a small dyeing for a few days, and a large number of months of dyeing. It will change a hair color at other times. It looks very trendy, but it will cause a certain hidden health hazard.Among them, the choice of hair dye is important.

In September 2020, a study published in the Harvard Medical College in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) showed that permanent hair dye hurts the most to hair quality, but it is likely not to cause cancer.

From 1976 to 2012, every two years, the researchers will send a questionnaire survey for 120,000 American female nurses. The main contents include whether to dye hair, hair dyeing frequency, and cancer.In addition, information such as the amount of exercise, energy intake, cellulose intake, and red meat intake will also be recorded.Study follow -up for 36 years, and more than 90%of female nurses persisted at the end.In the end, there were 20,000 female nurses cancer, 23,000 female nurses suffered from base cell epithelial tumors, and 4,860 female nurses died of cancer.

After analysis, researchers have found that there is no significant difference in the risk of cancer in the use of hair dye and female nurses who have not used hair dyes.However, hair dye may be related to the increased risk of some cancer. For example, the risk of 5%of the basal cell epithelial tumor, the risk of 2%-9%breast cancer, and the risk of 9%ovarian cancer.At the same time, hair dye may also reduce the risk of some cancer, such as reducing the risk of 28%of brain cancer and the risk of 6%of lung cancer.

In the end, researchers concluded that permanent hair dye is not strong carcinogen, and may not have carcinogenic risk.

It should be noted that although hair dye may not have carcinogenic risks, it does not mean that it will not damage health.

The degree of damage to healthy hair dye can be divided into acute damage and chronic damage. Acute damage refers to major diseases such as chronic damage to blood diseases and cancer.

Studies have found that the benzene hematopoietic system contained in hair dye is highly toxic. For frequent use of hair dye, benzene will invade the capillaries from the scalp, destroy the hematopoietic system, cause discomfort such as dizziness, fatigue, bleeding, etc., which may be further further possible.Cell mutations, induced cancer.Moreover, with the increase of hair dyeing times, extension of color dyeing time, and increasing the concentration of hair dye content, the more severe damage to healthy hair dye will be harmful.

Second, plant hair dye is safer?not necessarily

Now, some barber shops recommend more expensive plant dyeing agents to customers, called all natural and safe, really?

In this regard, Dr. Wu Wenyu, a dermatology department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out that judging whether a hair dye will cause harm to health. It depends on two aspects: one is sensitivity and the other is toxicity.Whether it is a natural plant hair dye, it may cause allergic reactions, even if it is natural, it does not mean non -toxic.Some plants themselves are toxic, and toxicity may be inevitable after making hair dye.

Third, the danger of hair dye depends on three points

The damage to healthy hair dye is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, damage hair quality.In the process of hair dye, some chemical components contained in hair dye will open the hair scales on the surface of the hair to make it better.However, frequent use of hair dyeing agents and repeated hair scales will make the hair lose protection, become more and more fragile, easy to dry, yellow, and dim.

Second, hair dye contains a variety of chemical components. For people with allergies, the use of hair dye can easily cause allergic reactions. Symptoms such as fever, itching, redness, and inflammation occur. Anti -allergic treatment is required.After healing, the scalp will become rough, which is not conducive to the growth of hair.Therefore, for people with allergies, try not to dye hair.

If you want to dye your hair, you should first conduct spotting experiments, that is, skin allergies.Apply a small amount of hair dye and oxidation mixture to the inner side of the earlobe or the inside of the elbow. If there is no allergies such as fever, itching, redness and swelling after 3 days, it can be used.If allergies are occurred, other types of hair dye should be replaced, and then spotting experiments.

In addition, not everyone is suitable for hair dye.For some special groups, such as children and adolescents who are not more than 16 years old, women who are in pregnancy and lactation, patients with allergic diseases such as urticaria and bronchial asthma, cancer patients, and dermatitis, rashes, rashes, rashes, rashFor people, scars, sores, etc. should try not to dye hair.

Fourth, safe hair dye, remember 5 points

If you want to minimize the damage to your body, you must remember these 5 points:

1. Don’t wash your hair two days ago

It is best not to wash your hair two days before dyeing. The oil secreted by the scalp can play a certain protective role and reduce the chemicals in the hair dye to penetrate the scalp.

2. Apply some emulsion before dyeing

Before the hair dye, apply a layer of lotion along the edge of the scalp, which can avoid direct contact with the scalp, and it is convenient to clean the hair dye that accidentally dipped on the scalp.3. hair dye is not mixed

The chemical components of different brands of hair dye may be different. Do not use several hair dye mixed use to avoid chemical reactions, harmful substances, damage scalp and hair.

4. Two times a year

Don’t dye your hair frequently. If you want to dye, you should change your hair twice a year twice a year.

5. Wash it in time after dyeing

Try not to apply the hair dye for more than 30 minutes. After dyeing, clean your hair in time. Do not use too hot water or too much force to avoid damaging the scalp and cause chemicals to enter the body.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and many people are used to making a beautiful new hairstyle, or dyed their hair and go home for the New Year.Here I remind everyone: change new hairstyles, pay attention when dyeing hair.Use a regular, safe hair dye, and pay attention to protecting the scalp before and after hair dyeing, so as not to bring harm to health.


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