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Is it useful for children’s cold stickers?You should know these facts

Seasonal, food causes and environmental factors are all causes of colds. Children are vulnerable groups, and their ability to resist infection is relatively weak, and it is more difficult after a cold. So once it has a cold, it is treated early, otherwise the cold will be more troublesome. Many parents now choose to treat their children for colds, so is children’s cold stickers useful? You may never know these facts.

The main function of children’s cold stickers is to reduce body temperature. Cold stickers are generally useful for fever children. If it is not very effective for babies without fever, it does not have much effect.

Paste it on the baby’s forehead when the child has a fever. Generally, you can change to a new cold post for about 8 hours until the baby’s fever. After posting, clean the forehead to avoid the viscous substance on the cold to make the children allergic.

The main principle of children’s cold stickers is to cool down through the drugs of cold stickers, which does not have any effects for children without a fever. The symptoms of ordinary colds are generally runny nose, cough, etc. It is best to go to the hospital for examination and treat the cold by taking drugs.

Children’s cold stickers are not necessarily 100 % effective, and may only have a effect on children with a slightly mild fever. If the children have a high fever and the symptoms of convulsions, they must go to the hospital for injections and hanging water in time. After you come down, you can use the antipyretic patch until the temperature of the child is returning to normal. Pediatric fever is particularly easy to cause children to cause brain diseases, and parents must be paid attention to.

Now we already know the answer to this question? If the fever is not very serious, you can use a cold to post to children for cooling treatment. Do not let children directly blow the wind during the cooling process.

With this reason, parents can also apply their foreheads with a cold towel. When the towel becomes hot and wash the cold water before continuing to apply. To keep the indoor breathability and ventilation, do not bring children to a place where children are more mixed during the cold, so as not to aggravate the condition.

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