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Is lung cancer as soon as it is discovered?Reminder: Category 4 people are high -risk people of lung cancer, screened as soon as possible

Mr. Ma was 70 years old. After retirement, he led his retirement salary. He also maintained a good body. The days looked smooth and smooth. However, chronic bronchitis was found during the physical examination.



Two years ago, he found that his fingers were obviously thicker, but because there were no other symptoms, he was not serious.Later, he had a cold again. He repeatedly had a high fever and went to the hospital for examination, but was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

In fact, the previous finger thicker means that it is a pestle -like finger, which is also a warning from lung cancer, but it is ignored.

1. Lung Cancer: Silent “Killer”

According to data from the annual report of tumor registration in my country in 2019, lung cancer ranks first in both the incidence or mortality. It is terrible that many patients are diagnosed in the middle and late stages, so lung cancer is also called “silent killer”.

Early symptoms of lung cancer are hidden, and most of them have no obvious symptoms. A few patients have symptoms such as cough, chest tightness, weight loss, fever, and qi, and are easily ignored.When the symptoms significantly affect life, most of them have reached the middle and late stages, and the cure rate and survival rate are very low.

The occurrence of lung cancer is closely related to smoking, second -hand smoke, air pollution, kitchen oil fume and other cigarettes.In addition, it is also related to factors such as professional exposure of high cancer material, chronic lung history, genetic, and unhealthy lifestyle.

People with severe smoking (one pack for 20 years or two packs per day for 10 consecutive years), people who have professional exposure in special occupations, people with a history of basic lung disease, and people with a family history of lung cancer belong to lung cancer.High -risk people.

If these people are over 40 years old, it is best to perform low -dose spiral CT inspections once a year.

Second, 2 abnormalities in fingers, the possibility of lung cancer as soon as possible

Lung cancer is not only manifested as symptoms such as cough, chest pain, but also abnormal fingers such as pestle fingers. If the following abnormalities appear, the possibility of lung cancer should be ruled out as soon as possible.

1. Thicker fingers

The end of the fingers becomes thicker and thick, and it is dilated in a pest -shaped state. It is known as a pestle -like finger in medicine, which may be a manifestation of a variety of severe diseases such as lung cancer.

Cycles of lung disease lead to hypoxia, which causes hypoxia at the end of the finger and slowly leads to the swelling of soft tissue hyperplasia. It may induce the pestle finger. Once it is discovered, it is best to check it as soon as possible.

2. Arms pain

Once the lung cancer is metastasized, it may reach the position of the arm through blood, lymphatic, etc., which causes the pain of the arm. If the fingers are accompanied by thickening symptoms, it is recommended to check it as soon as possible.

3. Preventing lung cancer, not just quit smoking

Many people think of preventing lung cancer, and they think of quitting smoking. In fact, relying on smoking alone, they may not be able to stay away from lung cancer, but also combine other aspects.

1. Improve the environment

The indoor decoration pollution and the oil fume and career exposure of the kitchen are high -risk factor for lung cancer. It is recommended that the home should often ventilate at home. Environmental materials should be used during decoration. The range hood must be used during cooking.

For employees engaged in special occupations, protective measures must be taken.

2. Strengthen exercise

Proper exercise can enhance personal immunity and reduce the risk of being stared at by cancer.

3. Regular physical examination

The high -risk population of lung cancer, it is best to conduct anti -cancer screening medical examinations every six months or every year, treat lung cancer, and discover early treatment early, which can better increase the survival rate.

Lung cancer, as the first cancer in my country, has affected the health and normal life of many people.Due to the concealment of the early symptoms of lung cancer, many patients were diagnosed in the middle and late stages, which greatly increased the difficulty of cure.

Therefore, we must do a good job of lung cancer from our lives. Once the symptoms of lung cancer occur, we must check it as soon as possible, and we must conduct regular medical examinations to be treated early.

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