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Is melanoma flat or raised

Melanoma usually does not have a fixed abortion form, which is generally raised.

Malignant melanoma is mainly a tumor that produces melanocytes in the skin or other organs.In addition, the melanocytes at the base layer are abnormal, and then malignant tumors can be produced, which is clinically called malignant melanoma.Melanoma is a highly malignant skin tumor, and its cause is more complicated.The direct reason is that melanocytes may be reproduced and expanded indefinitely due to genetic mutations. These gene mutations generally form tumors locally, and can also transfer and invade other parts.The etiology of melanoma is usually related to genetic defects and autoimmune dysfunction.Due to the significant relationship between sun -exposure to the occurrence of melanoma, the skin is white and the protection of ultraviolet rays, the proportion of general melanoma should be higher.If the original mole is repeatedly stimulated and handled properly, melanoma can also be induced, such as the skin’s benign mole, edge moles, repeated laser, freezing or chemical points, which can stimulate local melanocyte damage to repair., Enter melanoma.

Melanoma is generally uneven. It is a malignant tumor with a high degree of malignant melanocytes. Most of them are skin. Men over 60 years old are high -incidence people.Neck or upper limbs.Melanoma generally occurs in hand, feet and other parts, and may also change malignant changes. However, only observing melanoma is not determined. You need to go to the hospital for detailed examination in time to confirm the diagnosis.When melanoma occurs, melanoma should be completely removed. Pay attention to the cutting edge of at least 2 cm away from the tumor. The tumor body that is removed should be sent to a pathological examination to determine whether it is malignant.

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