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Is nasopharyngeal cancer caused by nasopharyngeal cancer?

Nasopharyngeal cancer is caused by genetic factors, viral factors, poor living habits, and environmental factors.

1. Genetic factors, patients with nasopharyngeal cancer have races and family aggregation.Some genetic factors are closely related to the incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer.2. Human herpes virus infection can cause nasopharyngeal cancer.3. Bad diet habits, most residents in the high incidence of nasopharynx cancer have the habit of eating pickled fish and pickling meat.The content of nitrite in these foods is high.Nitamine may cause nasopharyngeal cancer.4. Environmental factors, high nickel content in rice pharyngeal cancer in the high incidence of nasopharynx cancer is high.Experiments have confirmed that nickel can promote nitrosamine to induce nasopharyngeal cancer.Kitchen oil fume accumulation has indirect mutation and cell genetic toxicity, especially when indoor air fluidity is poor.Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is mostly low -differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, which is sensitive to radiotherapy.Therefore, radiation therapy is usually the preferred treatment method, followed by chemotherapy, and surgery can be performed in a few cases.Pucanol is a natural plant anti -tumor drug that achieves the purpose of anti -tumor by blocking cell division and proliferation.Gascibaba can destroy cell replication and has a radioactive effect.Dorticatne has a wide range of anti -cancer effects.In recent years, people have discovered that Doxispanne has had a good effect on late head and neck tumors.Chemotherapy drugs commonly used in nasopharyngeal carcinoma include cisplatin and 5 fluoropicidine.After the combination of these drugs with radiotherapy, it will also produce good results.

Patients should close the doors and windows while sleeping to avoid noise.Keep indoor cleaning, choose the appropriate ventilation time according to different seasons, and smoke indoors to ensure that the indoor air is fresh.The indoor temperature should be kept at 18 to 22 ° C, and the humidity should be 50%to 60%.After radiotherapy, the physiological function of the skin is reduced, and the resistance is reduced.Once the skin ulcer is infected, it will not heal for a long time.Therefore, you should avoid friction between collar, cuffs and trousers, and try to choose cotton underwear.It is forbidden to soak in local scratches and hot water to avoid sunlight.Appropriate outdoor exercise can enhance the body’s immunity and help the recovery of the disease.

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