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Is neonatal hemolysis jaundice terrible?

Neonatal hemolytic jaundice is a relatively serious disease that can lead to gallbladin encephalopathy, severe anemia, and heart failure.

Newborn hemolytic jaundice generally includes blood -free hemolytic jaundice such as RH blood type incompatible hemolytic jaundice.No matter what kind of hemolytic jaundice may cause biliary encephalopathy, it will cause irreversible damage to the brain and leave various neurological sequelae, such as abnormal intellectual development and abnormal motion function.Balcony encephalopathy is manifested as a newborn sleeping, sucking weakness, convulsions, and fever.Timely treatment is needed, including drug treatment, light treatment, and blood replacement treatment.In addition, the hemolytic jaundice caused by incomparable RH blood type may also lead to severe anemia and heart failure. Newborns may die due to severe blood supply and oxygen supply of heart and brain organs.Therefore, if the prenatal examination shows that the maternal and baby is inconsistent with RH blood type, treatment measures such as premature birth, intrauterine blood transfusion, and plasma replacement can be taken to avoid hemolytic jaundice in RH blood types.The above treatment needs to be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

It is recommended that patients pay attention to personal hygiene, maintain emotional stability, and light fresh ingredients.

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