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Is neonatal jaundice related to breast milk?

Newborn jaundice is generally related to breast milk.

There are two types of jaundice -associated with breast milk, which are breastfeeding jaundice and breast milk jaundice.Most breastfeeding jaundice occurs within one week after birth. The main reason is that the feeding is insufficient, resulting in insufficient intestinal motility of neonatal.Biliary redness is delayed, and re -absorption increases.It can usually be relieved by increasing the amount and number of breastfeeding. If the level of bilirubin has reached the standard of phototherapy, intervention is required.Breast milk jaundice generally appears one week after birth, and has reached the peak of jaundice in about two weeks, which lasts longer.Sometimes even 2-3 months after birth, the jaundice completely subsides, and generally does not need to be treated.If breastfeeding is stopped, jaundice can be significantly reduced after 24-48 hours.If the level of bilirubin reaches the standard of phototherapy, intervention is needed, which is more conducive to the health of newborns.

It is recommended to increase or reduce the frequency of breastfeeding according to changes in the level of bilirubin under the guidance of a doctor.Blue light can also be performed, and the metabolism of bilirubin in the body will accelerate.

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