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Is neonatal jaundice related to broad bean disease?

Newborn jaundice is not necessarily related to broad bean disease.

Neonatal treatments caused by broad bean diseases are not different from jaundice caused by other factors. They are mainly symptomatic support treatment. Most of them are treated with light treatment. They can be used for albumin and other drugs to promote the metabolism of bilirubin.Blood replacement can be taken when jaundice is severe.Neonatal broad bean disease is mainly due to the lack of glucosytic acid dehydrogenase in neonatal red blood cells. This enzyme deficiency can cause hemolytic diseases that can cause genetic hemolytic diseases.When the jaundice continues to fall, consider the broad bean disease.If the value of jaundice is not serious, it is necessary to take oral drug treatment, avoid the use of oxidized drugs, such as drugs contain tank, mint, broad bean and other ingredients.If the newborn has jaundice, you must first do the detection of broad bean disease to eliminate broad bean disease.

It is recommended that patients maintain a light diet, avoid eating spicy food, pay attention to diet and schedule, and can maintain proper exercise and help the health of the body.

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