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Is newborn jaundice 17 serious?

The newborn jaundice of 17 mg of 17 mg is a serious situation.

The jaundice value of the neonatal is a piopathic jaundice, which is a pathological jaundice and is severe hyperbilotinmia.Pathological jaundice is jaundice caused by various pathological factors, such as AB, O hemolysis, breast milk jaundice and neonatitis syndrome.For example, phototherapy and blood exchange therapy can be performed, and phototherapy is irradiated with blue light.Blood exchange therapy can quickly reduce the serum content and prevent the occurrence of bilirubin encephalopathy.It is recommended that newborns pay attention to the degree of yellowing after the baby is born. Once the child’s skin is yellow, the diet, stool and sleep are abnormal. You should go to a professional hospital in time.

Pay attention to early breastfeeding, pay attention to the sun for newborn.

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